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  • Hedgeee Hedgeee Jul 31, 2000 11:23 AM Flag

    selling here is nuts

    what an opportunity!

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    • It's only on relatively thinly traded OTC stocks
      that one can glean anything about MM activity, in this
      case because OGRU has persistently been the high
      bidder of late. I take that as accumulation, as they are
      patiently sopping up any sales from tired longs. Who knows
      how long they continue before stimulating a run-up?
      Obviously, they could do it at any time they wish. Perhaps
      they're acting as agent for a retail client. It doesn't
      matter. My point was that there's support from at least
      that source. And they're not in a hurry.

      Re my
      being on the board, I looked back to see when that
      began. Here's my first

      Yes, I see much hasn't changed in a year (tho, of
      course, the stock ran to 5 in March). As an aside, CIBC
      is still active, and is the high bidder this AM.

    • Glad you're on the board. This was becoming a
      dead board as fast as MAGS is becoming dead

      As a former stockbroker, I presume you have
      pasteurized many investing angles, and it would appear that
      the action/involvement of a MM is a significant
      indicator. I didn�t respond to your information that Oscar
      Gruss had been accumulating shares, because it didn�t
      seem significant to me. People buy stock in companies
      because Carl Ichan is buying. There�s FMO. There�s VISX.
      There�s JCP. There�s CSX. They may be right to follow
      Carl. That�s their strategy. So, �The MM firm of Oscar
      Gruss (OGRU) has been accumulating MAGS for awhile now.
      (So what?) It is about ready for a move.�

      3 month daily avg. for MAGS is about some 13,000.
      MAGS has a float of some 3.6 million. If Gruss has
      been accumulating, it certainly hasn�t been apparent
      in the volume figures. I hope you�re right. This
      information could portend a significant move. If you are
      paying for that service, they owe you something. I hope
      it�s accuracy. But, please explain to me how a MM can
      accumulate a position with minimal volume. There must be a
      way. I believe today�s activity was around 11,000. It
      was another lackluster day.

    • price goes up, too. The point is that vomlume doesn't last.

    • You're saying the same thing as I am -- you
      accurately describe the attitudes of the
      accumulators/manipulators that I spoke about.
      As you stated, "volume
      goes up." With such a thin float, don't you wonder why
      the Price doesn't, also?

    • Arafat may delay declaration of Palestinian

      davis_5515, you are wron! There are many people out there,
      with a finger on the trigger to jump into MAGS. I
      follow this stock for about 3 years very closely. Every
      time Bin Laden is mentioned on CNN, orevery time sth
      "terrible" happens, the volume goes up.

      are currently very smart: they buy the Asks and avoid
      to bid above it. They even avoid to buy when the ask
      goes up a bit. On Friday, nobody sold seriously, when
      the bid was at $3.00 for some time.

      I belief,
      that we go up, when the situation in the ME gets a bit
      clearer. IMHO, further buyers are just waiting to see
      what's going on. Thants simple, isn't it?

    • I'm not yet sure whether further discussion
      between the two of us can be helpful or not, but your
      last post shows some reasoned response.

      "your feeling that MAGS is a co that can proceed
      independently of politics and world events, seems very naive to
      me," let me say that I was responding more to your
      irrelevant inclusion of a Jewish VP candidate than to world
      events (and I surely don't equate the two.) However, you
      are accidentally close to the truth. For more than a
      few years now, there have been mid-east and world
      tensions aplenty, with absolutely no speculative interest
      in MAGS stock. Terrorist activity in 1996 propelled
      the stock from 3 to 15 quickly, but since then, there
      has been no sponsorship for it, only a vacillation
      between roughly 2 1/4 and 4 1/2. It has indeed proceeded
      independently, to the point of invisibility, despite positive
      earnings and dividend payouts.

      You now try to
      assume the position of a fundamental analyst opposing
      technicians. This is an argument that can be debated ad
      nauseum; I could take either side. However, my first post
      to you, you'll recall, was to show MAGS' earnings to
      you, when you complained they had none. I feared you
      may be uninformed about the very company you wrote
      about. I further gave you information that I pay for, to
      add to your knowledge (i.e., MM activity), but you've
      ignored that, probably because you have no idea of its
      impact -- it's far more important than the fact that one
      of Lieberman's daughters is named

      If you "repudiate" high school stockbroker fads, let
      me tell you that I was a stockbroker for 28 years,
      that I too think that head and shoulder, cups, and
      candlesticks can be found everywhere, just as faces can be
      found in the clouds; in short, they are meaningless.
      What are vitally important, though, are the trend of a
      stock's moving average of price, its On Balance Volume,
      and its momentum. They can be used to avoid tying up
      money in a dead stock (as MAGS has been), and to
      predict a change in trend, or to at least quickly
      recognize such change. You had better not ignore

      MAGS is still being slowly accumulated. I hesitate to
      say that it is a manipulated stock, but the float is
      so small that it could be quadrupled in price very
      quickly, on a relatively small amount of buying capital,
      whenever the sponsoring group wanted. The earnings have
      been there to support that, but haven't meant a thing,
      have they? The key to a move will be an upsurge in
      volume past 3 3/4, the June high.

      I won't take up
      the board's space with any more of this. If you wish
      to discuss further, my email address is available to
      you. Good luck. Jim.

    • I had to be away on some business. It appears I
      didn�t miss much activity in MAGS, nor information on
      this board.

      Per Jim Davis or whoever from
      Charlotte, NC or wherever. Let�s just understand we have
      different ideas about investing. World tensions, the
      failure of a Mid-east agreement, the reported missing of
      20 nuclear bombs (each which could blow-up an entire
      city block) from the former USSR, I think plays a
      significant role in MAGS and their product and future
      earnings. Your feeling that MAGS is a company that can
      proceed independently of politics and world events, seems
      very naive to me.

      My comment about �earnings�
      was to repudiate the high school stockbroker fad of
      �head and shoulder�, �cup and saucer� , and Chinese
      candle chart formationists. As evidenced with the huge
      drop in dot com companies (which appears to have
      continued while I was gone), I believe earning are very
      significant. And, the greater the earnings, the faster MAGS
      will get picked-up on many radar investment screens.

    • Are you trying to draw some relevance to this
      stock's Israeli base from the nomination of a Jewish
      senator from Connecticut to the U.S. presidential ticket?
      Isn't that a bit of a stretch? And if not, why mention
      him at all? And what's that fool Helms got to do with
      any of it?

      You stated you're only interested
      in reading facts on this thread, and you're only
      interested in earnings from the companies you invest in.
      Fine, but when I ask you about MAGS earnings picture
      (post 415), you ignore it. When I tell you about Market
      Maker activity, you ignore it. I grant you may not have
      known what MM meant, or who Gruss was, but ask if you
      don't understand what you're told by your betters --
      you'll learn more that way than by fooloshly saying that
      I post trash and don't have a clue.

      No, the
      DNC doesn't matter to the movement of MAGS, nor does
      Lieberman, Gore, or Greenspan, or even interest rates. MAGS
      is a stock that goes (or doesn't go) its own way, in
      its own time.

      If you want to argue or discuss
      your political leanings, find another forum. This is
      the wrong one.

    • I enjoyed reading your remarks thoughts.

    • I'm sorry I mentioned NC. That was a test
      question. I presumed you were more knowledgeable about
      where you live than giving investing info. Lieberman is
      the Senator from what state? (Oh, no! She asked
      another question!) I won't mention politics again. But, I
      think you're wrong to disregard politics as related to
      the stock market. Democratic convention? Greenspan
      taking no position on interest rates until after the
      election? Doesn't matter? Lieberman is the first jew
      nominated for vice-president? It doesn't matter?

      Listen, your charts and your opinion are all that matters
      in the course of your world. I think you post trash
      and don't have a clue.

      Thanks for answering
      all those NC questions. You failed the test, sonny.
      What was that? "Who mentioned politics?" How stupid.
      How lame are you? Do you even know who Jesse Helms

      I'm long the stock. I'm not here to hear ego pounding
      or pseudo-chartists. I scan this board to hear
      information, if there is any.

      I presume you are long
      MAGS. Good investing.

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