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  • seabreaze789 seabreaze789 Feb 12, 2013 4:37 PM Flag

    Is MNTX consolidating?

    looks like its holding on to gains. Building a nice base before another run. Very similar to TEX.

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    • MNTX and TEX make these "runs", whether up or down. To me, you look at the charts, it is time soon for another run up, maybe past 12. Now the question is, do I sell at 12ish, waiting for the inevitable run-down or hold until 13 or 14? I don't want to be greedy, but also don't want to hold too long either. I can always come back another day to buy more shares when the stock runs down.

    • That's how the chart looks to me Sea. I would love to grab some more shares before the next run.

      Sentiment: Strong Buy

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      • Up over 7%, why? Don't get me wrong, I like it. I think the next run-up is happening now. This stock works quick and hard to keep up with. Christ, it is almost 11, what a stock! It make the market more fun. But how to make money on it will make it a whole lot more fun. I think you can't get too greedy on it, if it goes over 12, you might want to sell, then wait for the pullback. If you got guts, you can wait for 13, but you know soon after the stock will dive. Let's say, MNTX get to 15 (dreaming), you know damn well it will pullback, maybe down to 10, which is crazy, but that doesn't mean that MNTX is a bad company, just a crazy stock. If you want to hold through all this craziness that this stock offers, you will probably do ok. I'm not in this game to just do ok, make money while you can, especially if you can see the opportunity. Maybe instead of making 10% long term on MNTX stock for the year, maybe you can make 30% or more, but you got to watch it and have patience.

      • I will buy more after q4 announcement, have a good amount now, need further proof that management is in this game to win. I'm am worried that they will do another stock offering, we wil lsee how the cash flow looks at end of the year......

        Sentiment: Hold

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