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  • kayak2noc kayak2noc Jun 7, 2002 10:11 PM Flag

    Gold Related Questions

    First message. Appreciate BensonInvestor's Basic Gold 101 message. I still have a lot to learn about gold stock investing. I read Goldcorp's home page and it is very impressive. Do any of you know of a web site on numismatic coins that gives fairly accurate prices on what these coins are selling for on a weekly or monthly basis? Do you think investing in gold bullion and numismatics coins is a good way to diversify or just go with gold stocks? I own GG and would appreciate a recommendation on another gold mining company that is not hedged or hedged very little and is a lost cost producer. Thanks.

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    • Look at this URL, so you have an impression of the (un)hedged funds. I found it very interesting and gives you an idea of the
      (h)edgy stocks.
      Notice the interesting goldstocks.


    • Another company you might want to look at is Meridian Gold (MDG) they have a very low cost mine called El Penon. The company is unhedged and debt-free.

    • You could take a look at Meridian...MDG. Both HL and CDE have begun expansion on their gold side, attempting to alleviate the financial disaster caused by very low silver prices and their need to continue production in their silver mines...or lose that capital investment. These guys could become very viable gold mining concerns, and then a major silver turnaround, if it came about, would be a real bonus. Newmont will be a stealth growth story, should gold continue a slow upward trend. This is one to examine from all sides, and use as a trading and growth vehicle, if you have the time for such investigations.

      Some good South African and Australian companies, as well as many small North and South American smaller companies with continuing fine potential in a gold bull going forward. Risk maybe more for distinct reasons for each.

      Glamis Gold mines the lousiest deposits with great capability. These are real miners. I like them. Hate their deposits and share price. The market doesn't. The market has its own crude justice...and I am really glad for Glamis. They deserve their rewards. May they continue.


    • kayak2noc, Welcome.
      Good sites worth a lot:
      My prefered:
      with its hot reports.

      This URL on its own could direct you to virtually the most exhaustive number of sites related to Gold.

      Every Body should know Kitco. By the way you could buy probably Physical PM's and numismatics of all kind. Up to you to discover.

      Gold companies Non hedged as good in quality for its management than Goldcorp: Goldfields symbol: GFI.
      Also I non hedged or with little left is Harmony Gold. They have a fantastic reserve of Gold to exploit as the Bullion climbs North.

      Great companies otherwise: Newmont Mining, Iamgold.
      I don't speak of the juniors, but there is a high quality choice there also.

    • BensonInvestor is a good man.Read all his Posts for good insight.I can't help you with current numistic prices,but I thought you might be interested in this article about numistic coins versus bullion for investment purposes. At home page go to left column and hit Myths misunderstandings and outright lies.Yahoo would not let me past the url.

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