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  • pegasusclaim pegasusclaim Jan 7, 2005 10:02 PM Flag

    Truth about WHT .......


    Wheaten River's largest asset is a minority interest (that they don't operate) in a mine that produces a majority revenue flow of copper - not gold.

    How come nobody really brings this up on this board.

    Anybody follow what companies are hype and financial and what companies actually have a record of operations???

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    • That is what makes WHT a $2.75 company and certainly not worthy of 1 share of GG for 4 shares of WHT. That is overpay big time.

    • All the cash from that copper makes WHT the lowest cost large producer of gold in the world. I believe in the last quarter they actually produced gold at negative cost as in in cost less than $.0.00 an ounce to produce after deducting the copper creadits. Thank Good for copper. They would have been producing about 1 million onces of gold in 2006. At the present they produce "500,000" ounces or so, and then there is the silver....

      By the way don't you know of the 8 figure $ amount in dividends they receive from a joint ownership mine?

      Take some time to learn about WHT before you knock it. For example, look at their last two quarterly reports,

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      • The truth about Wheaton is that it is just as much a "copper" company as it is a "gold" company ... 45% of revenues come from "copper" and 45% of revenues come from "gold" ...

        The truth about Wheaton is that Telfer uses smoke and mirrors to to produce a desired effect by claiming that the Alumbrera mine is a "gold" mine whereas in reality Alumbrera is a "copper mine ... 65% of Alumbrera revenues come from "copper" and just 35% comes from "gold" and for Telfer to call Alumbrera a "gold" mine is window dressing at best and a downright deceit at worst ... Xstrata, the majority owner of Alumbrera says it is a "copper" mine and uses the "gold" content as a credit to reduce the cost of "copper" ... Norther Orion does the same thing and Northern Orion calls itself a "copper" company, not a "gold company" ...

        The truth about Wheaton is that despite what Telfer claims, the market values it as a hybrid stock with equal amounts of gold and copper and the PE ratio reflects that ... the low end of the "gold" range and the high end of the "copper" range ...

        The truth about Wheaton is that it is generating excellent earnings and is a cash cow ...

        The truth about Wheaton is that a STOCK price has only a passing relationship to earnings and cash flow and is based more on perception than on reality ...

        The truth about Wheaton is that this offer is good for Wheaton in that the resulting company will have a higher gold content and hence a higher STOCK multiple than Wheaton gets now ...

        The truth about Wheaton is that this offer is bad for Goldcorp in that the resulting company will have a higher copper content and hence a lower STOCK multiple than Goldcorp gets now ...

        The truth about Wheaton is that you should consider the truth about Wheaton ...


      • <EOM>

    • Nine Months Ended September 30, 2004

      Luismin 99,300oz gold - 5,059,400oz silver
      Peak 99,500oz gold - 5,468,600lb copper
      Alumbrera 174,600oz gold - 106,315,100lb copper

      9months =
      gold = 373,400oz
      silver = 5,059,400oz
      copper = 111,783,700lb

      EPS $0.15US for 9 months,

      G EPS for 9 months = $0.19
      WRM (with 1/4 share consolidation) EPS for 9 months = $0.60US

      Goldcorp(after merger) in this scenario would have have 332533592 shares with EPS of $0.36 US

    • And your problem with copper is. . . .???

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