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  • waybas waybas Mar 24, 2005 5:06 PM Flag

    What happen?

    Thought everyone on this board was in love with Telfer, the savior of GG and WHT.

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    • "Giddy, I'm not trying to club you over the head with this stuff"

      I do ... these GATA goons bitch and moan about everything and if they ever got what they want, they would be the first to bitch and moan about that's not what they want ...


    • Here's a good example of what I was talking about. Page down to see the volume/price relationship. Stock is American Bonanza, people here have recently posted about it.

      Giddy, I'm not trying to club you over the head with this stuff, I just want you to see that volume should be encouraged in all its forms if you want to see Goldcorp's share price increase.

      Now if you want to see Goldcorp's price decrease, then by all means continue to ridicule the Traders on this board in the hope you can drive away their volume.

    • Try this giddyup, maybe it will make more sense to you. Go down to the first chart, coal. Notice the volume and the price. Is more volume (trading) better for coal's price or worse?[s463

      BTW, this is page 4 of Ben Smith's gold charts. Check out page 1 for his latest gold chart.

    • giddyup

      I tried my best to dumb it down for you, but I had a feeling you still wouldn't get it.

      But keep those cards and letters, and money, coming in.

    • Henceforth refer to me with my scientific name, Dr. Loligo! Your thoughts on ER.TO?

    • "its amateur, not amature"

      Yes, I can fully understand why YOU would be conversant with that word, lol ...

      "if SAS.TO is so bad why is gg involved in it?"

      Because McEwen is an idiot and got GG involved in a lot of stupid projects that never worked out ... SAS is just one of many ...

      Regards ...


    • Canuk: its amateur, not amature! the good Dr.Loligo corrects you. BTW: if SAS.TO is so bad why is gg involved in it? LOL

    • Ever since you fell under the spell of GATA, you see conspiracies everywhere ...

      Over the past 3 months, the daily average trading of Goldcorp, Toronto and New York combined, is 3.8 million shares per day ...

      At the current price of $14, that is $53 million trading, per day ...

      Now, do you really think that anything I say, or that anyone on this chat board says, has any influence whatsoever on the price of Goldcorp stock ...???

      If you truly believe that, then you truly are an amature ...


    • ds,

      Really appreciate your explanation just now. I also appreciate reading the varied posting. But yesterday....

      The best we can do is agree to disagree and move on.

    • giddy,

      <When out of the market negative posts prevail. Whatever it takes to try to help talk the price down for a better entry price. Thanks for your post confirming what I posted earlier about intentions. Excellent>

      It is nice that you feel vindicated. I am curious to know what I have posted that you consider to be talking "the price down". I only wish that I could drive price action through message board postings.

      While I know through experience how unpleasant it can be to hear differing opinion while suffering through a price correction, I strongly suspect that you are much to sophisticated to be influenced by anonamous MB chatter.

      My intention is not to defend my posts, or to argue with you. I enjoy many of your posts and respect your opinions. I also value thoughtful opinion that differs from my own. It is the sharing of information that makes these boards a useful source of information.

      IMHO, it is fairly easy to discern mindless pumping/bashing from information that is verifiable and usefull.

      While I would dispute your asertion that my postings are intended to move the market instead of a simple exchange of idea, I doubt I can change your mind. I don`t see how anything I said confirms your accusation.

      But thats ok.

      Good luck,

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