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  • larryland24 larryland24 May 21, 2005 8:36 PM Flag

    Mr. Bush

    I voted for Mr. Bush in the last election because I liked his policies of free trade and opening up markets to other countries. The tax cut for the rich however I did not like and now his constant crusade to deny benefits to future retire folks that are depending on ss. while keeping the tax cut in place for the wealthy who do not need the money it does not make any sense to me. Is he trying to destroy his political party or what! You cannot have your cake and eat it also! Let's face facts, our def. are the result of mainly that tax cut and now they want the people who did not benefit from the tax cut to now bear the burden through ss cuts!

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    • Congratulations Larry,
      "YOU" are getting the government "You" deserve.
      Now bend over and take it like a man, it is only what you are due after all!

    • You dumb shit

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      • He's not dumb. Unlike many Bush supporters he apparently has an open mind and now understands whats going on.

        I still maintain the biggest problem is and has been the Federal Reserve and Greenspan's inflationist monetary policies. All the presidents after Reagan have followed the "Master Bubble Maker"(MBM), Greenspan.

        Our president whether Democrat or Republican doesn't matter so much as they are basically the same. What we need is a man like Paul Volcker to head the Federal Reserve again.(Actually the best thing would be the complete abolishment of the Federal Reserve, but you saw what happened to J.F.K., when he tried that)

        Unfortunately no such man appears on the horizon and most likely we get Ben Bernanke, a virtual Greenspan clone and hence much more debt and inflation.

        Why must we always do it the hard way?

        I guess I'm not the only one who is self-destructive.

    • RandallT4,
      Isn't it funny, if I can use that term, that the only states where exit polls disagreed with eventual results were those that used electronic voting, with no paper trails.
      Even more amazing was the fact that those using Diabold voting machines had the most glaring discrepancies.
      Now to expand on these absurdities even further ALL the descrepencies went in Bush's favor, amazing, and statistically impossible.
      The President of Diabold promised the Election to Bush and he delivered.
      Americans, do your votes count?
      Apparantely only if you are voting for the "right" party.
      And these are the people "bringing democracy" to the World!
      God help us all!!!

    • Where do the libs get people like you that can't comprehend the simplest facts. Most of what you and gg have just written is pure horseshit, proven again and again, but give it 2 months and nitwits like you two are ready to believe, and spout, again.
      nice to see you back Jim.

    • dctgs,
      I'm not realy back, as I'm still out.
      I just got bored, as all my other stock sites are dead, with very few posters active.
      Did you see the FNX/DY drilling results from the Sudbury J/V released this past week?
      Nothing short of spectacular and no interest by investers on DY's part.
      By the way all that I posted is documented fact!
      You can't argue with known exit polls and election results, or the president of Diebolds public statement that he was going to deliver the Presidency of the US to Bush.

    • I hope you and yours are all well.
      Are any of your children serving in the armed forces at this time?
      I seem to remember they are of that age, if so I hope they are well.

    • I hear you on the investments. I assume by out you mean out of GG. I sold my last of it at 15.25, but promptly reinvested in some Canadians that have been lackluster at best, with the possible exception of Augusta Resources.
      I'm just sucking it up and holding on. God, but for a crystal ball!!!
      Seems a bit unfair to me that when a guy who has held fund-raisers in his home for many causes, including the Columbus Zoo, Opera Columbus, Catholic Social Services, and Ohio State University, is asked to hold another fundraiser, unabashedly and openly announces his support for a candidate, can be accused of a crime such as fixing an election. Quite frankly the parties that made these spurious accusations should be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.
      And I don't know about exit polls but, the election results "are" hard to argue with. :-)

    • I sold the last of my WRM Warrnts just after it was annonced the merger was a done deal.
      Not that I don't like the merged company it's just that I wanted that money to invest in some beaten down junior explorers.
      Most of which have since been beaten down more!
      (Up early to catch the Grande Pre De Monaco)
      p.s. Many of Americas most corrupt people have hidden behind a facade of charity and false piety, not saying that is the case, just mentioning the posability.
      p.p.s. If you were offered proof that the Election was fixed, as long as your man was the winner, would you care?

    • Good points and isn't it interesting that we are promoting democracy(majoritarianism) when in fact our country was founded as a republic.
      Our Founding Fathers were against democracy.

    • Yes!

      And this is the exact point so many people are ignorant about!


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