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  • ChiTrader ChiTrader Jul 1, 2005 11:21 AM Flag

    Manipulation?? nahhhhhhhhhhhhhh

    Gold down $7.40 as I write and in a seeming free-fall. No news. Nothing changed fundamentally. The day before a major holiday weekend. Presumably very light volume and few retail buyers around. Might be pretty easy to stack some low volume sell orders and scare the crap out of the day-traders and futures folks. But nahhhh, our great country wouldn't allow this sort of thing to happen, right? Right?? RIGHT????????

    <knock knock> Anyone home at the SEC?? No? You're where??? All out at the beach having a clambake to celebrate once again nailing that heinous criminal stock manipulator Martha Stewart last year. So you see, it really IS safe to go back in the water (market) again.



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    • Silly you, relying on the gov to perform any kind of decent service. The only decent job the gov does is fight wars, and the press always goes crazy of the incompetence in that regard but strangley complient in most every other area. Socialism, the cure for all ills.

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