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  • mac_happy_70 mac_happy_70 Jul 18, 2005 9:28 AM Flag

    IT IS JULY FOLKS get it thru your heads

    man, dense city. right after monsoon season, the indians are almost ready to start buying, the chinese are lightly buying, after all they dont have the wherewithall to have a $4 starbucks, a $2 danish, a new car, nice clothes, and debt up to there ass. they just outwork america for a cheaper wage. THE DOWNFALL OF AMERICA IS AT HAND. WE SHOULD TRADE DOLLAR FOR DOLLAR WITH THESE COUNTRIES. the next report of importance will be to see if they invested back the trade surplus in govt paper. in the mean time gold is going nowhere. IT IS WRITTEN ON THE CALENDAR - THE JULY LOWS ARE AT HAND. MADE READY TO BUY, BUT NOT NOW.

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