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  • htiek_au htiek_au May 24, 2006 9:50 AM Flag

    Like barnacles on a ship...

    We've taken on some bashers and we don't need the new guys to lose faith. Remember why PMs are important and why you are here, either (1)because of protection against inflationary devaluation of our currency or (2) because GG is a solid growth company with great cash flow

    Or you could be here for both (like me).

    Listen up!!

    1. The first hour of trading is amateur hour

    2. Day traders move the market most of the first half of the day

    3. POG and GG PPS do not always track day to day

    4. PPS also depends on reserves, growth, and cash flow of a miner, not just POG

    5. The bashers get paid when you post a response

    6. May - August is the low of the year.. this is the BUY season

    Any other longs care to add?

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    • Hello htiek,

      Excellent post and one everone should read!

      I headlined the response with #5 but all are good points.

      However,I am not sure if I am as sanguine about the long term prospects as you are. This market simply makes no sense. Too many day traders, hedgers and option plays. Add in stop sells and you have a market that acts like a drunken sailor rather than a field to invest in.

      In GOD We STILL Trust. The current events underscore this.

      Until HE/SHE speaks to me I am on the sidelines... and his voice is NOT Cramer.

      Near all the stocks I hold are in the red again! For the person bitching about GG always down the most, they should check out GLG and AU and AEM.

    • Nice post.
      I didn't know that they get paid when you respond. Thanks for that tidbit.

      A few percent here and there won't make any difference in the long run.

      Stay long, stay strong.

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