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  • reticiiz reticiiz May 9, 2007 7:44 PM Flag

    shorts are betting on poor earnings

    As I remember prior to glg takeover, Telfer said that it was one of the institutions that have approached both companies and showed them what a wonderful deal this was. It was Telfer who initiated this just as it isn't Telfer who controls the price. GG was a darling of the gold world last year and it looked like there were too many shorts that might have got burned. I'm guessing that there is nothing wrong with this company but the institution will bleed the life out of retail investors as long as they can before they pump the hell out of this stock. Just as they can spin US financials to look good they can spin a decent company to look like crap and hold it down for a long time before the lift off occurs.

    I don't see why they are pumping Kinross as prior to BGO merger BGO was a dog for a long time too and everyone was calling for their CEO to step down(forgot the guys name now) and everyone was saying how it wasn't making money and all the risk in Russia and so forth and that was for all of 2005 and then boom MM doubled the stock and what a great deal it is for K to have acquired BGO.

    IMO this stock will be a dog for a while until the main MM decides to move this thing and nothing materially will change but some BS will come out that all of a sudden GG is a wonderful thing. Same with SLW, really what has changed for that stock to move from $9 to 12.40s within such a short period of time? Everyone was expecting the silver deal with GG and maybe there is no dilution there but there is a nice debt and the other smaller silver deal for SLW was nice but nothing that great right off the start but now everything has changed and SLW is moving to the moon? Not that I mind as SLW is my core holding but the point I'm trying to make is that as long as the MM are holding down GG or any other stock there is nothing retail investor can do but just go along for a ride.

    So if 2007 will be a crap year for GG one can either sell covered calls with a premium to get some money out to move on to a stock where MMs are move it higher like SLW.

    Just my 2 cents.

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