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  • mardermj mardermj Aug 9, 2008 8:51 PM Flag

    The Commodity Bubble Burst And The US Dollar Bottomed On 3-17-08

    ...and we already have a classic 20% selloff in gold silver and oil from the top...

    ...we have the overreaction of 10% to go...then we begin the long lingering ascent back to retest the highs over the next six months as

    Paulson dumps up to one TRILLION dollars to back Freddie and Fannie out of pure printed dollars, the Congress hands out another 300 bucks per person to goose retail, irates overseas remain high, but ours languish at 2% for at least another 18 months, the first hurricane of the season to hit the oil fields awaits the end of a three year reprieve since Katrina, Iran finishes its nuke up around end of 08 exciting Israel to do some selective bombing and the straight of Whoremuse gets a big stop sign....

    I could go on for hours but why? I just sell covered calls against my positions, watch them expire worthless, and collect the "short" half of my holdings, which, helps pay for them. One more cycle, and all my GG shares will be purchased for next to nada.

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