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  • reticiiz reticiiz Sep 8, 2008 12:23 PM Flag

    When will gold stocks actually rally?

    If you notice gold has somewhat stabilized while USD still is strong. There was a major prop up of USD which occurred in Aug as they knew they would have to bail out Fannie and Freddie. Article below is a cache of UK Guardian which they've taken down a week after it was up - how surprising.

    I believe it is all about manipulating to their benefit. Gold shares continue get killed either to rid of the small investors and any interest in PMs for the time being or to take in the profits by funds to move to cash. PMs are being shorted by manipulation!!! Bob Moriarty wrote a good article stating he doesn't believe that there is manipulation but that it's a typical correction and if PMs were being shorted we should be thankful because at some point it will have to be covered and PMs will skyrocket.

    I believe that PMs are manipulated and that they will sky rocket but it's a matter of when the bankers decide to make their move. Why not beat up on the real money while inflating paper crap? When so many people just capitulate and leave the PM market and give their stocks away at bargain prices and paper is printed at such speeds that hyper inflation will start showing up and governments can't hide the real CPI numbers then out of nowhere things will start to move?

    Bankers never lose, and I'm not talking about some small bankers but the heads of CBs. Didn't Rothschild bring about a crash just to pick up stocks at bargain prices at the end of a war - if I remember it was the boar wars.

    If there is a market crash possibly in October the PM stocks will be dirt cheap, PMs themselves don't have to drop that much further but that would be enough for the Elite to BUY everything at pennies on a dollar which wouldn't even give a small investors time to buy anything as most would be under.

    Call it conspiracy theory but reality is there is no real reason for USD to strengthen and there is no reason for PM stocks to drop as hard. There is no reason for gold to drop this much when US financials are just getting worse by the day.

    Another view of mine is if I have the power to print money and I could short gold all the way down to 700 while shares are dropping and people losing everything. I knowing full well what my bottom line is, I would step in and start buying shares through buddy banks cheap. Why not buy physical and short paper even if the paper market has to collapse - so what? At the end of the day I have physical PMs, markets get crashed and people lose everything while now I can buy whatever I want and people will just sell it or better yet walk away from it leaving their goods for me and my buddies to take.

    Can it happen? I hope not but this isn't out of the question. As at the end of the day there will be many poorer people and fewer extremely rich people. That's why I don't sweat over holding physical but stocks do make me nervous at this stage.

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    • that's the story I was referring to in previous post. Facts are the the truth will never be known for certain on the day Rothschild started to sell his stock and why PMs are getting hammered today. Markets have advanced in the last 200 years and by all means there are more ways to hide the reality of the financial world today than ever before.

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