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  • mjmjam50 mjmjam50 Nov 30, 2012 1:38 PM Flag

    Easygoin_al now known as easygone_al

    As in 'your money is easily gone because you went long'. You're just a little boy trying to play a man's game. You're wiped out like the other lemmimgs that thought they would be smart and pick a bottom. How has that being working for you from 44 down to 38? The long term chart doesn't lie guys. The miners have been horrible investment choices for many years but you folks seem clueless to this fact. Keep throwing good money after bad going long and I will gladly take it all going short.

    PS. I am especially looking forward to the first day GG is up .50 cents and all you longs start spouting stuff about the shorts getting burned and that you're finally rid of the shorts. That kind of stuff is so good for comedic enjoyment as I'm wiping my #$%$ with $100 bills and you guys are wondering how you're going to explain to your wives that you're colossal failures.

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