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  • mjl500 mjl500 Dec 31, 2012 11:32 AM Flag

    GLD is up about 3% for the year GG is down about 21% for the year. DO YOU SEE THE PROBLEM?

    You are not sorry, who you kidding, what a bunch of #$%$. Investing in good companies takes patience. One needs to know when to take profits or not. Some people are lazy or greedy and they keep holding (I've done this), thinking it will keep going up. Now if you sold at 50, then bought back at 35, that would be smart. That's why your post is irrelevant because you do not know what people are really doing and how they are investing. We are all here, I think, to make money, not to bash a company. You may not like a company, for whatever reason, but if I made alot of money off it whether it went down or up that is my business and I profitted, while you are their complaining, then you look like a schmuck. That's what you look like to me. You do not understand how to invest, but you know how to complain and bash. Please grow up.

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    • I love posts like yours. You are pretty sure that I don't know how to invest yet I retired at 44 and own outright 2 vacation properties and just spent 4 weeks of December in Cancun on money I made by SHORTING these POS mining companies. Yes, read it again - it was money taken from non believing longs who just knew that the price couldn't go any lowerso they kept has that trade worked out for you certainfacts. You may post under a different alias but I know it's you little boy. Also, if you want to be taken seriously please read your post again and google when you should use 'their' and 'there'.

      As an aside note, I never said short the miners to 0. I was always and will always be an advocate of buying at or near the yearly low and shorting after a pop in the price. Imagine that, a perma bear that actually goes long on a miner. What I have also said is that going short in the miner is MUCH easier, safer and less stressful than going long. If you doubt my logic then I will ask again 'why is the share price lower today than 5 years ago and gold has gone from $400 to $1700'? It all comes back to very poor management decisions over that time.

      Please read your post again, if it was even you that posted it. Maybe it was your 10 year old that used your password (for your sake I hope so). You are talking about making money long or short and complaining in the same breath. What in the h e l l are you talking about? Does it sound like I am complaining about the company? The miners are the easiest money in the market but you MUST play them up and down. I really feel sorry for the people that think they have to defend a company just because someone says something bad about that company. I think Wall Street has pretty much told you what they think of ALL the major miners by voting with the 'short' button on their keyboards. It's just late to the party wannabes like you that STILL don't get it, even though you pretend to. Have a wonderful new year certainfacts and hope for a 25% rally just so you can break even on your trade.

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