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  • altaaboy42 altaaboy42 Sep 24, 2013 11:14 PM Flag

    Price of Gold in 1913=$20 Price of Gold 2013= $1350

    And there is absolutely no dolla gold correlation? Ok if you believe there is no correlation then sell me your Gold Eagles for $20.

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    • Altaaboy42, why do you bother with this keepshorting dunce? Anyone who can be as dumb and irresponsible to think 1) There is no gold/dollar correlation and 2) the gold market isn't manipulated and 3) doesn't use stops because he's "going to miss the big run" ....should be put on IGNORE. No one can even have a rational or intelligent conversation with this guy and each post he makes always fails the smell test. His emotions are running away with him and his winning position has now turned into a losing position because he doesn't believe in stops. He claims he's winning yet each day his net worth declines. Now he's complaining that commission costs to trade are too high at $9.95. Is this guy for real???

      This is the case closed on gold vs dollar debate.....ya, like there's a need for a debate. He's so fixated on the usd vs gold chart that he's missing the entire idea behind owning gold - to ensure/insure and increase future wealth and purchasing power. If he would just think for a moment about having $1000 usd in 1973 and $1000 of gold in 1973. Now fast forward 40 years to today and tell me what those 40 year old $1000 usd (with interest) will buy vs the 40 year old $1000 original purchase of gold. Everyone knows those 40 year old $1000 usd will buy next to nothing but the value of the original gold would be through the roof. I don't understand what it is he doesn't understand. People that stupid really shouldn't be allowed to invest because they are just giving their money away. Keepshorting must stop looking at a redundant chart where gold is not measured against the usd because the chart doesn't reflect purchasing power. Now if you could put up a 40 year chart of gold's purchasing power vs usd purchasing we're talking.

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