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  • american_chariot american_chariot Jan 29, 2014 1:42 PM Flag

    Where is all the money going to go?

    US Treasury's? Wow, check-out that 2.71% 10-year, and falling! Why? Big Treasury buying, and there will be oh so much more to come. But people will want some real return on their $$$$ Can't get it in emerging markets, as those countries flock to US Treasuries as well! Man-old-man, where would I put my money, if a Fed-based contagion of currency debasement and sky-rocketing inflation in emerging markets, is just getting started with only -$10-billion being thus far cut from the Fed's bong-buying?

    Ask yourself this question! But don't think too long, b/c by the time you ponder-it-about, you will have missed the cheap-cheap! I'm surprised they've been able to suppress the logical answer to this question, as long as they have; But I guess there are still tons of folks-and-funds, that believe in the fairy-tale of this robust recovery! That's a lot of dumb-dumb money yet to figure things out! I think they will soon enough, but maybe another -1k off the Dow will help make it more obvious...especially to folks "buying the dip"! 20-minutes more, and if the Fed does what the Street believes they will do, then I would wager the turmoil just begins. Of course, they can always back-step, and hold-off the pull-back, but what message would this send, to a economy trading at near record highs, and "recovering"? They've orchestrated this for quite a while, but the effects of coming-to-terms with their actions, have only just begun to be felt. We'll see...but my contention is that "all that money is going to have to find an appreciative home", and it will seek safety and universal value! At that point, it will be hard for the Deutsche banks of the world to maintain the ruse!

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