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  • proinvestor2010 proinvestor2010 Feb 14, 2011 4:21 PM Flag

    Strong Appointments today

    You are kidding right??? I encourage all to look at the backgrounds for these appointments. Misguided to say the least....

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    • I see these as positive appointments which bolster the management team at a key time. Why don't you back up your slanderous accusations with some facts? Or are you only good at posting baseless, self-serving opinions?

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      • Ok, here are some facts:

        About Tillotson's prior company's
        Replidyne: failed company due to unsuccessful development/NDA and FDA warning letters for non compliance of the trials
        Oscient: Failed company, even though it spent hundred millions on a commercial sales force for antibiotic Factive

        Gorbach: formally OPTR's CMO, before that a physician at A University...No training in development nor R&D, no Pharm. Dev experience...zilch!

        Lesnick: don't even get me started...LOL. Look at his very limited background

        Buy and hold ( or should it be buy and lose) why dont you provide evidence as to why this is bolstering? Very weak management...but that just on par with the value of their product and lack of pipeline....foolish Lings indeed

      • What did you think of today's price action? I would of thought more buyers would have come in after the CNBC interview.Would of liked to seen the stock up 5% today.Hopefully tomorrow will be a green day.GLTA