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  • uddi_uddi_javan uddi_uddi_javan May 17, 2011 3:01 PM Flag

    building my short position...

    Where do you see the high PPS before starting a short position?
    I am also willing too short this as this wil go down below $10 before FDA announcement.

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    • You gotta be kiddin'.

    • any thing in this area is a great short, I added significantly at ~14. At these levels the company is valued ~$800M, which is extremely rich no matter how you slice their market potential for FIDO. In my estimate (which has been validated) the drug can only be sold legimitely (without patent challenges) for 5 years at most with a revenue stream of $250/yr (based on prior Vanco sales, this assumes best case that FIDO takes all share from Vanco, which obvioulsy WILL NOT happen, more safe to assume 10% the first year at best)...subtract out all the expenses (i.e. CBST, multiple leases, excessive executive salaries, investment into non-existent pipelines) get the picture....BAD LONG INVESTMENT, GREAT SHORT!