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  • pfkatie pfkatie Jul 19, 2011 5:11 PM Flag

    "Big hat no cattle"

    I figured Proinvestor would decline any offer to take advantage of his often touted and by his own reckoning, "dead on" stock analysis and shut me up by simply betting his conviction. By declining I assume it's either more important for him to gloat over short term price swings that support his mindless position, than to simply bet his conviction. I guess the threat of having to be silent was more than he could bear.

    Anyway, wanted to support an earlier poster who noted unusual price action to the downside--and to invite current and prospective shareholders to consider the news over the past 6 months. Every story regarding optimer has been a positive one, is it reasonable to assume the stock is worth less than it was 6 months ago when so many questions are answered that still exsisted then? I try to worry less about today's price than tomorrows potential, isn't that why we invest? In the end, I submit, the potential here will translate to earnings & the earnings to a higher stock price. I'm still willing to bet on that proinvestor, how about you bet on your position?

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