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  • heb2th9s heb2th9s Sep 24, 2011 9:23 AM Flag

    It's a shame to see the "nuisances" visiting

    It was interesting to see the pps at close. After I made my "green eod" call I started thinking... With all the market turmoil...the weekend....the profits that ppl have made on this stock....The bandwagon "shorties" waiting in the wings w/their "bash it now" program....this shoud drop some....It did,though minimally based on all those factors. Just want to thank all fellow longs who held. Think our reward continues!!! Especially considering that the traction from Europe news hasn't even been felt,along with the added push from EU gettin' a handle on their situation.....Hang on...just a quick stop to pick up more educated ppl who have done their DD....Oh,almost forgot.....and the Docs,pharmacy,hospital,support, ltac emp's. and nurses who are just now saying...OMG and thank God...finally something to stop this nasty killer.....

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    • mikeadd Sep 25, 2011 3:40 PM Flag

      We had higher volume Friday. I'll take a guess and say that was constiutated of profit takers and hopefully retailors looking for an entry point and also those of us wanting to add a few shares. And Heb I think you do have a point that the European news has not been factored in yet because there was no rise in pps with the release of that news, although of course the market could have just said "so what" to that news, but I personally think that is highly, highly unlikely. that's big news. and please don;t anybody write "sell the news" BS.

    • Understood & agree with where you're coming from....