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  • heb2th9s heb2th9s Nov 8, 2011 10:25 AM Flag

    The problem with OPTR...

    Yes GCCROW.....My point ...and I watched this unfold several times as my Mom has been hospitalized ,almost continuously,since late June ..... C-dif upon original hospitalization. She required surgery...infection as a result....beat it!!!! Re-hospitalized....C-Dif beat it??..... another hosp. admission-Mesentary Artery related surgery.....infection....Vanco-resistant....oops!!!it's the strongest we have!!!! Double oops!!!! Also we kicked loose 2 pieces of guessed to to guessed it kidneys nearly shut down and infection!!! Oops Vanco-resistant!!! 2nd resulted in blocked artery to foot...amputation scenario....My brother along w/docs put her in Hospice...see how it snowballs.... I could speak on and on about all the ppl who were at hop. to visit loved ones who were involved in similar situations almost half the rooms on floor had protective gown carts outside door.....they are admitted for something and contract C-dif,---weakened...IT'S HOSPITAL BORNE PEOPLE!!!! How many were admitted w/o C-Dif and contracted while trying to recover from original diagnosis?? You see where I am going....they die and cause is complication from ????? Not C-Dif!!!!!!!! At least not when I have my Hospital atty. hat on!!!!!!!!!