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  • loriskhireward loriskhireward Nov 14, 2011 10:08 AM Flag

    How long 'til Dificid is first-line?

    patients treated with DIFICID™ (fidaxomicin) tablets for Clostridium difficile-associated diarrhea (CDAD) experienced faster resolution of diarrhea and lower risk of death during the first 12 days following initiation of treatment compared to patients treated with vancomycin.

    wow, this kind of data has to have "doc" and friends shakin' in their boots. he keeps mentioning that hospitals have not (YET) adopted Dificid as first-line treatment, but he's running out of reasons...if Dificid is more effective in the first 12 days, it's interesting that he continues to emphasize that hospitals have not adopted it as first-line treatment. we can wait to see which hospitals & docs adopt it, but in the interim what argument does jia have for NEVER adopting it as first-line treatment? (he did say NEVER in a previous post...didn't he?).

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    • never! unless they price it as cheap as flagyl and doctors have "personal" experience with it. Current treatment for C.diff is excellent as it AND CHEAP which people on this board do not understand.

    • "The incidence and severity of CDAD has increased dramatically in the U.S. in the past decade and is continuing to rise each year," Sherwood Gorbach, MD, the company's chief scientific officer, says in a news release. "Dificid is an important new first-line treatment option for patients who may be most at risk of disease recurrence, for whom producing a sustained clinical response is critical."

      NOTE to "doc" - just who do you think they're talking about here? who would be most "at-risk" of recurrence? to hear your argument, it'd be anyone who is hospitalized - y'know, they're not washing their hands enough...AND, those would be the more "vulnerable" seniors? i believe so.

      "CDAD is a serious illness that can be incredibly disruptive to patients' lives, sometimes causing as many as 20 or more episodes of diarrhea a day which in certain patients can result in significant dehydration," Kathleen Mullane, DO, of the University of Chicago, says in the news release.

      NOTE to "doc" - do we want a drug with better cure rate than "slurpie"? you tell me...20 episodes DAILY!?!?!? and you want to use an inferior treatment?!?!?

      Cost of Treating C. Diff

      The news release says medical treatment and hospital stays associated with C. diff cost the U.S. health care system as much as $3.8 billion a year.

      NOTE to "doc" - I would argue that most of this cost is hospitalization & RE-HOSPITALIZATIONS...surely not the $1/dose you always rant about...your explanation?

      Also, the company says a recent survey of the incidence and severity of C. diff in U.S. hospitals found that C. diff patients had lengths of hospital stay nearly three times longer than average, with mortality rates more than four times higher than for the average person who is hospitalized.

      NOTE to "doc" - please study the 40-day clinical data...please study it...pretty please.

      The FDA says the safety and efficacy of Dificid were shown in two trials that included 564 patients with C. diff that compared effectiveness of the drug with patients taking vancomycin, an antibiotic. In the trials, more patients treated with Dificid were considered CURED (my emphasis) after three weeks of treatment (stay with me, "doc", longer hospital stays mentioned above), compared with people taking vancomycin, the FDA says.

      evidence is mounting, "doc"...please research the data before posting.

      I am putting forth many opinions, none of which are medical, but many of which are LOGICAL/PRACTICAL...correct, "doc"?

    • he sounds like a salesman who doesn't want to see penetration of "his" hospitals by Dificid...using market acceptance to argue against using a better drug, imo...

    • i truly believe he's just here to pump vphm over optr, but giving him the benefit of the doubt with all the patient questions...he's having a tough time w/ the latest I would...

    • No I said Ignore....oops...sorry... You weren't addressing me....jia wont respond soon....he's not able to respond....too busy gathering funds to cover with after seeing this nice pps increase!!!!!