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  • jiarealty jiarealty Nov 15, 2011 12:48 PM Flag

    My challenge to this message board...

    Name one hospital that is using Fidax as a first line agent and have eliminated vancomycin for C.Diff.If you cannot, please don't reply with nonsense...

    Because of this, that is why OPTR revenue was weaker than expected....

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    • Yep, 9th grade logic by a 55 year old - good one. Do you go to the dentist and DEMAND gold fillings over silver because they last over twice as long and don't have the threat to discolor your teeth? There is always a cost trade-off. Why do you think Vancocin was never used for every single c-diff infection that came in the door? It was by far the gold standard med for this condition, but they expensed themselves out of the market for a first line drug in some cases because there was a possible treatment for $5. The OPTR drug will be used, but it's definitely not going to take over all of the c-diff market.


      99 hospital have it on formulary, some with unrestricted access, meaning it can be used as first agent

    • Actually Mr. Doctor Sir,to your previous msg. let me be clear on me to understand please....A doc. who saw an asthmatic patient would throw them out of their office if said asthmatic patient asked for the strongest antibiotic available in order to maximize their chances of avoiding death?? Thank you...didn't think transpose that argument ...sorry...your point... to c-dif and wow...almost like magic your argument becomes mine....hows it feel to be taught logic by a 9th grader???

    • stick to what you want, "doc"; glad i'm not your patient...particularly in older adults, who are already somewhat compromised and who will no doubt make up the MAJORITY of future hospital patients with extended stays where c-diff is so often an issue, i do not understand your reasoning for withholding the most effective med...what's the world coming to?

    • have 20 episodes of diarrhea daily, mr. freakin' "doc"...if you want to spare you patients some pain & suffering, as well as emotional hardship, prescribe what works BEST, keep them out of the hospital for the same condition over & over, and save the insurance companies & Medicare some money in the long run. your shortsightedness and excuses for not using the best treatment in order to save a few dollars is making me opinion continues to be that you are basically withholding the best & hoping something less effective cures and prevents recurrences at the same rate of success - a pursuit proven misguided by clinical studies and resulting data...i, for one, think you're wrong.

    • Actually, in asthmatic patients, bronchitis can be deadly. Thank you for educating me 10th grader. The only dynamic that will make fidax first line if vancomycin fails terribly and fidax price drops

    • Actually Vancomycin does indeed kill some of the bacteriodes that make up part of the normal gut flora (the good bacteria). Dificid does not kill the good bacteria and much more potent.

      I agree that most hospital pharmacies will argue against the more expensive drug, often nonsensically. But there are patient populations at much higher risk in whom you simple can't afford to be wrong. For example, transplant patients, oncology patients and other immunocompromised patients. I agree with the poster who comments that patients, or should I say families of deceased patients, will make the point that their loved ones should not have been gambled on to save money. Drug costs are not the problem. They reduce LOS and readmission leading to overall reduced costs. They only make up 5% of the healthcare dollar. They save lives and money. Pharmacies need to work hand-in-hand with their CFO's to identify the best of these drugs!

    • keep an eye out lo!

      dey are lurking everywhere bu!

      a hui hou!

    • bronchitis not the killer that c-dif is....ok ...agreed?...death comes after recurrence in most cases...ok?...agreed?..Dificid shows good early results in eliminating a good amount of those recurrences....your point is true that Vanco is first-line at most hosp.'s A dynamic will set up that will start moving Dificid to first option based on the above facts...and fyi...price is down initially because of uninformed light hands,and the general trend of the market more recently...not because of any drug outcomes... speaking of were just brought up to speed by someone who didnt make 10th grade....self-educated...try it...and if that is how you came to your conclusions then get a tutor!!!!!!!

    • Please read my message again in are not getting it. Recurrence due to Reinfections is not the fault of vancomycin. Next time you have a bronchitis be sure to ask your physician for the most powerful antibiotic on this planet...your physician will throw you out of his office. As a rule of medicine, always reserve an antibiotic when you truly need it. Please go speak with a pharmacist or a physician before you speak to me again. No sense ingoing around in circles here when you have made your decision in a vacume. Also, try to explain why optr is still dropping in value if fidax is so hot. Your reason would be is because physicians are too stupid to see how wonderful fidax are smarter than mds...

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