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  • jiarealty jiarealty Nov 16, 2011 7:23 PM Flag

    For those that favor fidax as first line treatment

    Are you willing to tell a patient that due to over use of fidax and resistance developed there is nothing I can do for you.... Prudent use of antibiotics is the best way to save lives, promote quality, and keeping healthcare spending down. This is common sense 101.

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    • it's not an attempt to demean...he has repeatedly used idiotic, etc. in describing others' posts, so it is simply some of his own "medicine". I am not desperate, but a long term investor in OPTR, and am not certain he is a doctor because of comments he makes about vanco and treating patients. Believe me, I have plenty of credibility, and do not need your blessing - however observant you believe them to be. Thanks for your participation in the discussion, however limited it may be; maybe you could go research infectious disease yourself and provide some valuable information for the board?

    • Not as much as stating you are in the medical field ....not saying how you are involved.....pitching a drug that's obviously losing status......making unfounded statements and using inflammatory terms to describe someone else!!!!!!! Oh,and call your "doc" all made the top 15 in increase of short interest. Then call the" I shorted and got fried" hotline!!!!!

    • Not going to side either way on this, but your repeated atttempts to demean someone by continuously using "doc" in double quotes makes you look desperate and takes a lot of credibility out of your arguments.

    • and we get a much better picture for FIDAX...20% fewer, which is where the scenario I posed to you earlier comes in. You treat 10 patients w/ vanco, while I treat 10 with Dificid. The rate of recurrence for you may be 3/10 (30%), while the rate for my patients is only 2.4/10 (24%) - a 6% (or 20% reduction from your 30%) decrease in RATE of recurrence. As you expand the number of patients to hundreds of thousands per year, it becomes clear that your argument (based almost ENTIRELY on the COST of the med, by the way) is not very "patient-friendly"...imo, of course.

      BTW, noticed you said "had recurrence", rather than "still had recurrence" - is that because the rate of recurrence was LESS than that for vanco? let's try to make apples-to-apples comps, "doc", for the board in future posts.

      How's today's pps treating you? Guess proinvestor was right...back to single-digits...not.

    • WHAT the F? what are you talking about????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      By the way phuckwad, how is your investment holding up?

    • recurrence with Dificid was 50% less than with Vanco,

    • Main cause of recurrence is not due to resistance. If you do not get it by now, you will never understand. Even in the fidax treatment group there was a 15 percent recurrence (and these were not resistant strains). Fidax role in c.diff treatment is over rated. Either we are stupid or you are mis-guided. All I know is that optr is dropping like a rock. Someone is being mis guided.

    • In clinical trials both vancomycin and fidax treatment group had recurrences. Can you please explain why fidax group had recurrence (15 percent)??????

    • Can you please explain to me in your own words the difference between recurrence and resistance ?

    • tell that to the 20% that you kill or give that answer to atty.s of same....also all hosp.s and all h/c co.s are on the same results of care page...a red flag and non-pay status will come your way as a result of the old-line thinking/reasoning?? that you profess Review my posts...I am still at a major hosp. and I did what you told me....asked ID Doc[same as or better than Rx] and a GI Doc about your first-line premise....sorry you are 0-2 in fact the direct quote of GI Doc was "Have that Doc crank that telephone and ring me up" Next ASSignment??