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  • loriskhireward loriskhireward Nov 17, 2011 7:56 AM Flag

    thankfully, GI - not ID - is focus...

    fortunately, imo, docs such as "doc" is speaking of will not be the primary docs writing scripts for Dificid; instead, it will be GI docs. so, i can finally place him on ignore...thanks for very little "expert" opinion, "doc", John, jiarealty, jiawhatever...maybe a couple of GI docs could come on the board and provide true insight into value of fidax in saving lives (and emotional suffering) - help!

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    • Lack of due diligence= financial loss... Agreed ?

    • Sorry..had to set-up lesson of the day for doc jiaerk...made me think of those older folks who are released to home and are recurrent. They are taken care of by family/non-med.trained asst./whoever. They re-curr. to the point of next hospitalization not overnight,but,over a period of days/wks.??? In the meantime...anyone who has come into contact,not only w/them,but with anything they have touched is susceptible!!! C-dif contagion is long-lived also. The large majority of re-curr.s are elderly,and,yes,a large majority of their friendsvisitors/fellow nursing home patients are too!! Thus,doc gets patient in office showing c-dif signs who hasnt been hospitalized recently...and surely jia will get it by now!! Hey doc,it was that patient you sent home w/o cure See how these things spread?? See why h/c co.s and Medicare will blow your old line thinking out of the water and first line drug -of-choice will change soon?? End of lesson Better get your grade up!!! An "F" so far this quarter...and you learned very little last qtr.

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      • Fidax is not the answer to poor medical practice. Not washing your hands when treating patients causes C.Diff recurrence, putting a patient on oral antibiotic and forgetting to discontinue therapy causes C.Diff recurrence. Even if a patient is on fidax, the above 2 issues will cause recurrence. You'll be surprised to see how many patients have recurrences even though their C.Diff is susceptible to vancomycin due to poor medical practices. Drug companies like you to believe that their drug is the magic bullet and plays on people's emotions to get it promoted and used widely. Than resistance developes, than drug companies come up with another drug to combat the resistance they have caused and charge patients and hospitals alot of $$$$ for their next "magic bullet". Don't be a sucker of drug companies playing on your emotions. Prudent use of antibiotics and practice good medicine is the right way to go. Also...hospitals are the dirtiest place to be if you are sick due to resistant organism floating around. A good doctor will try to treat their patients on an outpatient basis whenever possible. Physicians using high powered antibiotics as a substitute for good medical practice should not be allowed to practice.

    • Doc threatened my knowitall sis-in-law w/escort out of hosp. if she wasnt gowned/gloved up next time he was by...said that it could kill her and was a threat to her new grandbaby Thats what raised a flag for me. Yes color-blind but,nurses,my mom,sis-in-law,all said it was red!!!!!!!!! So I started my own un-scientific survey and over the next couple of weeks asked Rn's about their take/worries about c-dif spread. Almost all told me that they undress in garage,put work uniforms in a trash bag,and leave their shoes in garage. Hello!!!.....See msg.3

    • Thanks for running off whoever this jiaerk is. I will not be able to ck. this board for most of day,so,if you would, put on your 10th grade hat for me[if you can find it] and present the scenario that was described to me to youknowwho.Seems that there is very much concern on the part of Hosp.s as to the severity/spread of c-dif. In fact saw/heard/was told by a GI Doc.[yes-a real one], after I told him that staff was entering/touching/exiting room,that he was going directly to floor nerve center and see that those ppl were disciplined.He did that within earshot and was vehement in his demand that he would sit in on any who violated the iso. order -- see nxt msg.