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  • jiarealty jiarealty Nov 29, 2011 1:39 PM Flag

    Next earning report= downgrade

    By the next earning report revenue, you will clearly see that Fidax role in c.diff is way over-rated. Those that work in healthcare already knows this...Unfortunately, those that invest not knowing the clinical pathway of C.diff treatment and prevention will pay dearly. Argue all you want, your profit or loss tells the story.

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    • Well. Well. So you finally chose to answer a simple question after many, many posts.

      Congrats! (Even though your reading comprehension is still lacking since all I asked for was a "yes" or a "no")

      BTW, I'm not going to pray that the analysts are wrong. They are wrong. Apparently you're not much of an investor, otherwise you would know that estimates on successful drug launches always get ramped up as time goes on. We will see the March quarter be revised upwards to estimates of $40MM+ from the current $17MM.

      All of the above, just one man's opinion.

    • Even if OPTR meets, they are still losing money. Its just a matter of losing how much. Yes, OPTR will meet analyst expectation of $23MM revenue and losing -0.34 cents a share...having said that, OPTR pricing should be lower. You should pray that analyst are wrong, if they are right, watch for another price correction....$10 or lower. In fact for March 2012, analyst is predicting even a greater revenue drop for OPTR...down to $16MM...that is horrible.

    • You have a terrible problem with reading comprehension, which is okay. It's not unusual with morons such as yourself.

      Let me just boil this down to a simple yes or no type answer requirement. Can you handle that?

      You now state that Optimer will meet analysts' revenue expections for the current quarter. Yes or No?

      I don't know if I can make it any easier for you. Just answer yes or no. Ya got it?

      All of the above, just one man's opinion.

    • Analyst numbers says negative EPS...meaning (yes that is you moron)...that OPTR is losing money...

    • Really? Who do you think that you're BSing? By now everyone realizes your a moron.

      Here is your statement that got me involved in this thread "By the next earning report revenue, you will clearly see that Fidax role in c.diff is way over-rated."

      You implied that revenues would fall short. NOW you're stating that you believe that we will meet analysts' numbers? Sheesh....what a waste of time you are.

      All of the above, just one man's opinion.

    • You keep getting more moronic since you don't even read..

      December 2011 revenue= $23MM that translates into -0.34EPS (a net loss for OPTR), March 2012 revenue of $16MM with a -0.52EPS (even a bigger loss projected for OPTR).

      This is analyst concensus which agrees with my assesment that Dificid already saturated the market as a second line agent.

    • LOL....this keeps getting more moronic. You just can't seem to answer a direct question. Either answer it....or state that you have no idea.

      Then I see you make this statement in a subsequent post "Based on what I see here in the field, I can only say with certaininty that OPTR revenue will be flat."

      Flat? Really? So you think that we will only do $10.6MM in revenues?

      What will this quarter's revenues be? And...once again, if you would rather admit that you're a dumbass and state that you can't answer the question then by all means, please do so.

      All of the above, just one man's opinon.

    • Dec 2011= $23MM that translates into -0.34 earnings per share...and in March 2012, revenue is expected to drop dramatically contrary to your thoery of Dificid being used as first line agent. Even analyst concensus agrees with me.Please do you due diligence of at least looking at OPTR financials. I feel like I am leading the blind.

    • something? why skip forward to March 31? I mean, there are 4 quarters in a year, and the next quarter to be reported would be the 4th, correct? c'mon...earnings are reported every subsequent quarter, doc...

    • According to analyst concensus, for next quarter Mar 2012, $16.8MM in revenue. Now your estimate is sounding like a moron.- Satisfied ??? I did not want to embarass you but you asked for it.

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