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  • loriskhireward loriskhireward Dec 1, 2011 3:04 PM Flag

    Short interest = ignorance of health care

    costs of treating c-diff patients, who 20% of the time suffer a recurrence of dreadful episodes of well as complications such as dehydration, skin breakdown, infection of others in institutional populations, etc. - all reasons for OPTR to garner huge sales and increased usage. The population is aging, not getting younger, and as the >80 population surges, do you think they're going to be getting health care exclusively in their homes?!?? nope - the same acute care, long term acute care, rehab, skilled nursing, long term care and hospice facilities & centers will be caring for them as they do today, only in greater numbers. Patients at other settings who get c-diff usually go to ACUTE CARE (right, doc?), as the symptoms are not manageable in alternate settings - right, doc & proinvestor? or, have you never set foot in an institutional setting, or had a relative you were caring for experience c-diff?

    Overall health care costs are skyrocketing for US health care payers, whether it's Medicare, Medicaid, private insurance or private paying families & patients. Re-hospitalzations and transitioning across multiple institutions are a primary reason, imo, that the elderly do not get better or cured at better rates; it takes a physical AND EMOTIONAL toll on seniors, and they in a lot of cases are COMPROMISED and vulnerable to multiple infections.

    Check out the demographic trends, monitor what is put out regarding exploding cost of care for seniors, then come back & argue that Optimer's Dificid - which cuts recurrence rates for c-diff vs. vanco treatment and is easy to administer - will not play a HUGE part in relieving the dramatically increasing cost of hospitalizations among the elderly, reducing the emotional & physical impact of c-diff on patients & families, and providing hospitals with a better answer to avoiding re-hospitalizations for which they will not be paid.

    Pro, I am certain you have some very strong thoughts on how better to reign in the costs associated with c-diff recurrence & re-hospitalizations in seniors, as well as how to comfort and advise patients & families who might like to try something other than what's been around for years...the FDA felt it necessary to fast-track the drug, right?

    Of course, it's just my opinion and there's a famous quote about those...