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  • jiarealty jiarealty Dec 6, 2011 11:53 AM Flag

    Mark this post....

    The next earning report revenue will be a disappointement. Because (1) only Dificid economic benefit data presented is against brand name Vancocin. All those in the health care field knows no-one uses brand name Vancomycin. (2) In clinical trials, Dificid had a 15% recurrence. Dificid is not the magic bullet. Also, Initial cure rate was similiar to Vancomycin (3) The CDC (Center for Disease Control), nor the FDA have recommended Dificid to be used over vancomycin nor metronidazole. I have not seen any protocol having Dificid as first line agent. (4)Despite current revenue levels, the cost of promoting Dificid far exceeds Dificid's revenue thus you have OPTR earnings per share as negative. All the longs have been warned...don't cry about it later. When the next earnings comes out, we will see who is right and who is wrong...If I am wrong, I will aknowledge, but if you are wrong, I would hope you will do the same.

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    • Well, it looks like I had a pretty good guess that the analysts' would raise the March quarter revenue number to $30MM. They remain conservative.
      Noticed this morning that they've done that.

      BTW, the March high end of the current trajectory could be $50MM.

      Our PPS will be headed higher once results are announced.

      All of the above, just one man's opinion.

    • You shouldn't believe me. You should wait for the analysts to update their forecasts if you're unable to make that forecast of future revenues yourself.

      All of the above, just one man's opinion.

    • Where did you get an estimate of $30MM in revenue and why should I believe you? Please explain...

    • No new data found....I see reaffirmed price targets by reputable firms in the $20 range...that's not data....that' expert opinion...Non-expert opinion of mine is that it blows by $14 within 10 days - Mark

    • LOL.....I can't even count the number of mistakes that you make. I don't know if you have EVER understood and comprehended what was being stated in a post and I would think that most others can see that also.

      You're left being.......dumb as a box of rocks.

      All of the above, just one man's opinion.

    • Its not covering...its more people jumping in thinking today's OPTR economic data is significant without reading into the details.

    • My mistake...I was assuming your opinion was based on some kind of data... I failed to understand that your opinion is baseless. I guess in order to be smarter than a box of rocks you have to appreciate decisions made off of delusions...Sorry to have disturbed your LSD haulliciantions....Have a nice day.

    • just continually show that you have absolutely NO reading comprehension. This is what I stated "Great enough to have to cause the analysts to raise their following quarter from $16MM to something north of $30MM. Once they do that, PPS will follow."

      Where in my above statement do you see that I said that analysts already had raised their estimates?

      You remain dumb as a box of rocks. Honestly.........

      All of the above, just one man's opinion.

    • Where did you get the info that analyst raised their March 2012 revenue from $16MM to $30MM???
      All I can see is in Dec $23MM in March $16MM...
      Revenue nearly cut in half is disappointing by any account. Furthermore, even with $23MM revenue, OPTR is still losing money, how is that not disappointing. The only time a stock price goes up is based on expected future earnings with a negative current EPS. However, according to analyst, future March 2012 earnings is cut in half and loss per share widens...This is not disappointing by your account ???? Before jumping to conclusions that I am dumb as a box of rocks, you should really look at the facts here....So where is your source stating $30MM revenue in March 2012.

    • Now you're stating "The next earning report revenue will be a disappointement." Just a couple of days ago you admitted that you agreed with the analysts' estimates for revenue.

      Sheessh.....again, you're dumb as a box of rocks.

      Which is it now? Will they meet analyst revenue estimates or not? Also, since I know that you're dumb and have a problem with reading comprehension, please note that the discussion is about revenues and not profits.

      All of the above, just one man's opinion.

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      • I did admit and agree with the analyst.
        I don't know if you realize this, analysts concensus is very disappointing because they are all in agreement that OPTR will lose money in Dec and widen the gap in March. If you are happy with the analyst concensus (which you seem to be) your expectation of OPTR is not high either. Please make sure you understand completely what the analysts are saying and what I am saying to you before calling me a box of rocks.