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  • proinvestor2010 proinvestor2010 Dec 8, 2011 4:01 PM Flag

    Q for Longs

    Do you really think shorts are naive about OPTR and the potential of FIDO? And do you really think we continue to build up are short positions (now close to 30% of float) because we are going with a gut feeling or simply just do not like OPTR or not like the pumping Longs on this board (although, it definitely feels good to stick it to them, just like on the previous fall to 7)

    This level of short positions and continue build, indicates much, much lower pps...I am personally targeting for 50-60% lower.

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    • When this 50% trim--this week, next week, next month, someday, somewhere over the rainbow. You use this scatter gun approach & shoot a wide pattern and assume maybe you'll hit something....specifics how much invested, if options what's the strike, position and cost--if it's shorts, how many shares at what price. Then they're the margin calls on large short positions and time is running out on those puts and up days like this oh no---and you bet on a 50-to 60% price decline,
      and, and and "Lions and tigers and bears oh my. Quit mumbling and speaking in generalities--you're called, let's see what you got.....From my trades in optr this past year (documented in real time for anyone to see if interested) I made enough to pay for my Daughters tuition and living expenses for her entire Junior year. During the time I was making these trades you continued driveling your -I'm short, the sky is falling idiocy. If I made enough for my daughters junior year and you were on the other side of the trade you paid for a year of my daughters education ----Thanks.......

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      • two say you are going to ask a question then never ask a question...what is that we can answer for you that will make you hold that short????? Longs were on here only to talk about an investment in a drug that they see that the world has a need only talk about make-believe numbers and what-ifs.....we are looking at this from a real-world angle....I cannot lose because if you manipulate down,I just buy more,thank you Hey....may be making even more off this trade....thinkin' about buying a bar in a college town.....the one all the students hang out and spend daddies money!!!!! Thanks again...

    • Stick it too longs.....How? If someone followed your earlier prognostication,,guesstimate, dumb luck,and bought heavily and now have studied and decided to remain long.....due to the potential,and,obviously current success of Dificid.....All I can say is keep up the good work...I have only benefitted and promise I will not gloat when you and your "shortsters" come up really short......You have discounted "Euro" news unbelievably.....NO not THAT "EURO" news!!!!!

    • Look at the short interest in NFLX or CMG as they both rose from less than $50 to over $300. Many shorts were wiped out along the way all the time thinking they were right all along. The NFLX ones finally did ok but only by a blunder of biblical proportions by NFLX management.

    • being wrong...right? thanks, looking forward to it...