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  • slick_trader24 slick_trader24 Dec 21, 2011 10:38 AM Flag

    Extreme dips = buying opportunities

    Bought 300 more shares so far @ 11.69

    500 shares average 11.90's

    Will buy if this drops below 11.50's....shorts continue to amaze me.

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    • I don't even know why retail shorts would still be short this stock. Basically, mEga posiTive news would crush Them all....wouldn't that bE nice if my 500 shaRes of 11.91's skyroCkets tO oVER $20 PPS!!!

    • I post where I buy, yet you get people on here that just go blah blah blah

      If this drops below 11.50 I will buy another 100-200 shares.

      I put my money where my mouth is.....unlike SOME PEOPLE.

    • You are so right......the trend of this stock is upward from opinion only, w/o trying to influence anyone, is that there is a perfect storm brewing here!!!! Not only is there a "churn" effect created by shorts through their "game",but also the general market effect that creates a churn factor based on emotional/headline investment program that now seems to rule. 1 day it's "all good" because of A,B,C, or ?,the next day it's OMG get out of the way...the sky's falling......Do they not know that investment $$ is being pulled from the market at a very fast rate because of just that..... We have invested long as a result of our "DD" and continue to do so. Especially happy with the aforementioned conditions because ,as you stated, it creates some excellent "buy in" and "add" situations.

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      • I guess the only thing that will convince zombie Longs is their next earnings report which will show lackluster revenues and uptake into the market (as the prior report showed) and even more losses from hyper-inflated expenses that OPTR continues to accrue as it grows its redundant sales force and pays for very expensive multiple leases....Oh, and I believe they are now up to 15 VPs getting paid a minimun of $400K/yr...yikes! And that's not including their overpaid BOD...LOL! Any guesses on what the G&A expenses will look like. if you guys think Pharma is going to bail them out because of FIDO and ZERO pipline, having weak IP, you guys will learn the hard way...