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  • jiarealty jiarealty Jan 24, 2012 4:27 PM Flag

    Looks like the pump is now over....

    Just as I predicted...reach high $12's than proceed with the dump. Look for $11's soon. The money makers have OPTR all figured out. (1)Publish "news" (when OPTR price is in the $11's(2)attract new money (OPTR goes to the high $12's)(3) dump (drive price back to $11's)(4)repeat... Seen this cycle at least 3 times already.

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    • mikeadd Jan 24, 2012 5:19 PM Flag

      To what "news" are you referring? Hasn't been any news except for scrip sales update a couple weeks ago and OPTR was settling then and continued to do so. And with the low average daily volume OPTR trades, I don't think any MMs have been involved with OPTR recently. You got the pattern right, but not the reason IMO

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      • News #1....fidax mores cost effective than vancocin (problem: no one uses brand name vancocin). News #2.... c.diff on the rise (problem: it's not due to antibiotic resistance issues). News #3...fidax has decreased recurrence compared to vancomycin (problem: did not specify recurrence due to resistance or reinfection). News #4... FDA fast track approval of fidax (problem: not because fidax was super efficacious" it's because fidax is not aborbed by the body therefore safety outweighs any potential risks). The timing of each of the news drove optr price up but the devil is in the details. Soon after each announcement, optr popped just to drop back into the $11,s. Fools that bought in the mid $12's are bag holders.