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  • pfkatie pfkatie Feb 15, 2012 12:58 PM Flag

    Oh investor was right!

    Is it possible, we seem to be heading for single digits!! It's just like he it possibe right to 7--Oh no!!!! Hey a minute, let me turn this chart around and , hmmmmmm, never mind........
    Hey Pro you lose any more shorting, we may to call it midgeting...(no offense intended toward small people).

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    • certainly right about that pathetic sales report for quarter reported. If you guys think this is good, you have a serious delusional problem. I have now doubled my short position based on the activity today and horrible numbers just reported.....get out while you can. See you on the other side of 10 shortly!

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      • Regardless of "what you think", or where your delusional thinking leads you...there is only one indisputable fact clear for everyone to see. You've been wrong for many months on your single digit call and the direction of price activity. You've missed an historical up move in the broader markets and kept your capital tied up shorting a stock that's traded in a tight range, meaning you've lost twice, no gain and losses on the short. Only you would tout that as proof of your investing prowess.......what a pro

      • 11 million for January Feb translates into 60% 4Q to 1Q !
        Not bad at all. Long live new JUZZ!!!