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  • proinvestor2010 proinvestor2010 Apr 17, 2012 10:03 PM Flag

    Retail longs

    Are crazy to still be Long OPtr based on the realization of what I have stating all along.....its clear Institutions are keeping afloat, but for how long??? Eventually inst will capitulate, as they will be forced to recognize poor commercialibility potential of FIDO,not to mention the incredibly poor and highly questionable management......Fido and this co are a joke!

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    • Well, you did a good job!

    • I am slowing adding to my short positions , this week was great opportunity, thanks to dumb retail longs! I am going to ride the wave that will be created by the Institutions..... Generic oral Vanc is coming, gotta luv it! VPHM is a screaming short as well as you guess it...OPTR. Jeez, with the past 9 months of sales they only had to compete with VANC....whatcha think is going to happen when Generics come to play????

      bad,corrupt management with money going to china, poor IP in the US, horrible first 9 month sales (with such a fantastic drug, as longs keep hyping, sales should have been through the roof, LOL), more bldg leases on the horizon, VPs up the wazzo with over-inflated salaries...oh and here is the biggest of all, C. Diff is a very seasonal and cyclical market...get out now or I will be taking your moolah shortly!

    • You remain as dumb as a box of rocks.....and that's a very honest assessment and opinion.....and I believe very much accurate.

      All of the above, just one man's opinion.

    • are gettin' ready to roll in it-again. You should have gloated in your sucessful prediction a lot longer. The "institutions" that matter now are the med. facilities who are becoming enlightened about the great results that are being achieved- That translates to your term "commercialability"...[is that a word??] Or in simpler terms -[for my benefit] SALES!!! That is when more notice is paid by "institutions" and the pps will rise accordingly....Just my opinion.....but you are behind 0-2 I know,I know, you are aimed in on me yea,yea, but, I just keep pullin' away...... You have to admit...not much pps drop from the news!!!!------ My Un-Professional Opinion DD the Key!!!