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  • proinvestor2010 proinvestor2010 May 8, 2013 9:07 PM Flag

    Sorry longs

    Extremely low probability (actually to use layman terms that east, ucited, and a few other poor longs can way in hell!) that OPTR will be sold at current valuation. Generic Vanc dominating market and OPTR has zero pipeline and poor IP. Do the math, or may be a long can enlighten the Now is the time to increase shorts, you will be rewarded....

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    • Hi, pro....I haven't been around in quite a while since I sold my shares at a happy profit. Have not been following closely but always with the idea I might buy back if the share price got attractive. What are you looking for on your shorts? I'm thinking perhaps buying back in at $6-$7 if it gets that low. Your assessment of the company has been pretty accurate in the past as experience demonstrates.

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      • Hey rjc, nice insight on your trade. I have been short for some time and looking to capitalize again. I was quite surprised that institutions kept the share price as high and for long as they did. If this past quarter doesn't change their mind I don't know what will, but I think they will finally realize. IMO, the pps can easily be halved without thinking twice about it, since revenues have been so poor and clearly not enjoying the type of revenues that Vanc had enjoyed. One thing is certain, it is highly unlikely there are any buyers at this nose bleed valuations.