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  • proinvestor2010 proinvestor2010 Jul 30, 2013 7:02 PM Flag

    Whos your daddy...NEVER go against the PRO

    Sorry folks, but every thing about valuation came true, did it not???

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    • It had nothing to do with valuation but like all others that have the word "PRO" or "EXPERT" in there Id they are usually so stupid that they try to convince others they are not so go tell ur mommy or the girls in your trailer park that you the stock guru but we already know the truth so No PRO

    • proloser2010: you constantly pushed the vanco slurry here for years, believing you could short this stock over & over and profit from it, when all you did was push for the status quo for c-diff sufferers against all ethical bases. this transaction actually puts you in your place at the bottom of the pond as Cubist would not acquire a "loser" drug company whose stock is worthless for what they are paying. your non-valuation valuation was all a house of cards, and rarely did your countless predictions amount to anything credible. i returned to this board on the news (having been OUT of the stock for over a year) just to see if you were still here with your pessimism, and am not surprised that you are. better luck next time, as I am sure you've suffered several times over while OPTR sat in the teens all this time; appears well-deserved.

    • I'm typically just a lurker but what are you babbling about? You ranted and raved about Optimer going to "single digits" and several times mentioned $7/share every time you posted. If you actually had shorted each time you posted, you must now be using the computer at the homeless shelter!