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  • shybasset shybasset Aug 1, 2013 4:26 PM Flag

    Chairman CEO has more "credibility" than to allow.......

    such an un-fair offer to shareholders! Hank comes from excellent pharma background,
    and he is almost a brilliant pharma exec.....just soooo suprised that he would "give away"
    the company......unless there REALLY were NO other companies ever interested i OPTR
    to begin with. So disappointed...........hope the BIG institutional holders put pressure on Hank!!

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    • Anyone who thinks OPTR CEO or BOD has any credibility is totaly blind.
      Here are some Facts IMO. They ripped off their Shareholders to line there own pockets.
      Facts: they pumped the stock with a PR release that they had a $20 offer before which they turned down.
      They put in a 18 million penalty fee for another offer. OPTR CEO and BOD are all deciptive criminals IMO.

    • According to the SEC filings, top executives all get generous severance packages guaranteed immediately on closing a deal (any deal). SEC filing also says Hank got a $557,000 salary retroactive to when he took over in Feb. Only the shareholders are losers...