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Optimer Pharmaceuticals, AŞ Message Board

  • uclaching uclaching Aug 3, 2013 12:08 AM Flag

    Forget the $3-5 CVR per share added income.

    Look who is marketing the drug for Optimer? Cubist !. So Cubist can easily keep the sales under $250 Millions by 2015, say make it $249 Million so they can save $5 a share or avoid $260 millions additional pay out to share holders. Judging what these people do today in under selling the company, can you trust them to push hard to reach the sales target so they can pay shareholders more. ???

    You should go with a law firm who pushes to stop the deal and fire the board, not just get a small panelty fee on this deal which you may get $1-2 dollars the most and have to wait till 2015 to sale your stocks.