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  • rjcogburn64 rjcogburn64 Aug 8, 2013 2:52 PM Flag


    I suppose one needs to accept that pro was sort of correct here. I exited some time ago, which I posted here, at a happy profit, though not as much as I had hoped. But the poor sales numbers sent me away. Anyhow, I say congrats to the pro, though it didn't get down to the 6 or so you predicted, I think. Not clear if you make money here or not but you were more or less correct in concept.

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    • thx, appreciate the credit, at least one prior Long on this board is man enough to give it. Yes, I was off a few bucks, however, I still think the valuation is crazy expensive and will wait for the buy out price to cover. I was on point on most other topics regarding OPTR and it's dog FIDO....Longs should consider themselves lucky and get out at these prices!!

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      • unfortunately, the arguments from pro were never about patient care - i.e., if docs prescribed the best for their patients, I believe they would prescribe fido; unfortunately, it has not been adopted as fast I had hoped, mainly because many physicians (and insurance companies) apparently hold the same belief that cost should dictate prescriptions...if I am the patient, I disagree wholeheartedly. I, too, got out a looong time ago, but never respected pro's arguments that vanco will always be the best answer for c-diff...seen too many bad cases to belief you should treat it with anything but the most effective product on the market. sure, he might make a few bucks, but so did I.