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  • wangliping54 wangliping54 Mar 12, 2007 6:24 PM Flag

    prestigious Forbes just listed 5 chinese stocks to buy!

    Quote from the Forbes article:

    "fast-growing China is a good investment opportunity. A list of five such stocks to buy, and another quintet to avoid or sell (see table). Most of them are available as American Depositary Receipts and generally reconcile their numbers according to U.S. accounting rules."

    The 5 Best chinese stocks are XING, CHL, CEO, NTES and PTR.

    XING is particularly attractive because of its low Market Cap, low outstanding/floating shares and excellent EPS (2006 Q3 EPS of 65 cents and projected 2007 EPS of 2.53) and XING is only trading at $16 now, very cheap even comparing to the other 4 stocks recommended by Forbes(CHL,CEO,NTES,PTR).

    Go Chinese stocks!!!

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    • Do not waste your time! It matters very little who bought or sold. There was a transaction where money has been made or will be made! The news is old and it did not make MR to go down.

    • They forgot about CXTI and CMED (CMED is second most profitable Chinese company...).

      With over 60,000 shares sold (and I mean SOLD) in after hours for MR, something is not quite right....

      We'll see a year from now who is right....

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      • That conference call was terrible. They ought to hire a professional publicist, give him a title like Vice-Pres of blah,blah,blah and let him dish out the numbers. Mindray's big boss sounded like he was trying to sound like Mao Tse Dung. They are addressing an english speaking audience so why do they choose to quote figures in both languages? Very confusing. And they blame the commie government for screwing their 3 and 4q numbers? I will still be long in the stock but by God I will dump before their next conf call and pick it up again after they've pis--- off their shareholders. And the worst part of it is, I jerked my a-- out of bed at 4:55 AM so's to catch the beginning.

      • A year from now, CMED might not even exist! MR with its powerful marketing (+political) muscle can sell whatever it wants in China. Mark my word friend! MR is the king and it will take the lion share of China market no matter what you think or believe. CMED will end up with only crumbs. Buying overpriced western technologies is not going to be much help for CMED. Too late and too little to compete with MR.

        MR came back very nicely at the end of the day. Some shares are sold in the after market, but that does not mean that is the end of MR's momentum. Somebody bought those shares too! For good reason, I suppose.

        I could not care less what Forbes got to say about chinese best companies. It means nothing to institutional investors.