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  • erbII erbII Feb 10, 2012 2:46 PM Flag

    Despite all of the hype - Won't meet earnings expectations

    The revenue isn't just going to give IMAX anything close to Wall Street's expectations.

    Should come in around at around 11 cents this time.

    This will make 4 quarters in a row that IMAX has fallen short.

    Analysts need to lower their expectations...

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    • For those who are long - today is a wonderful day - volume and price - no overhead resistance. regards with patience,katonah

    • God, I hate Cramer. If he does comment positively on IMAX, please someone come on here and tell me so I can sell.

      Provide me that little bit of dignity please.

    • Try this scenario: unexpectedly good earnings. Cramer tells his screaming hordes that IMAX ISN'T a busted growth stock, it's a super stock that took a couple of bad quarters. Sudden pop, and we're left wondering when Cramer will next get indigestion and take his people away.

    • I don't see shorts hanging on as this broke through the teens and has steadily established the low 20's. (Soon to be mid 20's). The nice plateau's we've seen in the low 20's are sound signs of accumulation. This lack of volatility tends to indicate that shorts have been unloading. To me, this could really run in the short-term. I almost hope it doesn't. I'd rather have sustained growth vs. one or two big pops with madd volatility. These last few months have been perfect.

    • Of course you thought that last time and we are up 50%.
      It's not possible to accurately predict the Greed/Fear cycle.
      I would give you better odds this time, but just marginally.

    • Ah yes, I have been on every conference call as well.
      Trying to determine when the earnings will meet expectations based upon construction that is 2 years out can be a difficult task. And then you have to consider the stuff down in South America that isn't moving at all. Lots of talk about contruction and new theaters, but just don't see the results as yet. I know it will come....but when ?

      I think this will be a clasic "sell on the news" after the earnings are announced as it will fall short again. You should've seen that coming when the CEO sold 30% of his stock !

    • I have followed this stock and have been on everu conference call ...I never suggested that guidance is ever given. I believe anyone who is astute enough should be able to ascern that the combination of new releases along with the multiple theatre deals being signed and the addiotnal market penetration - I believe the stock will be trading between $23-$25 dollars after earnings next thursday! regards,katonah

    • The is never any guidance on earnings as they are heavily dependent on theatre performance.

      I'm talking about guidance on theatre numbers, signings, construction. There's always guidance/updates on that.

    • If you remember Imax stock ran strong after the last earnings report. I think the continued "global" build out and the very strong 2012 slate of upcoming movies and the integrated new technology will only brighten the earnings going forward. I believe Gelfond is setting Imax up for Sale within the next two years - Imax is best of breed and I believe will sell at a minimum between $40 and $50. For me the only disturbing caveat is the continued selling of shares by Gelfond and other insiders. I've owned the stock from $3.00 and intend to hold. In fact I bought the March 22 calls going into earnings. We look forward not back! regards,katonah

    • for Q1 maybe but no way on Q4. Last year we had 102million and had an EPS of .21

      This Q4 we are projected to have .14, revenue was 98million 4more less revenue compared to last year is not going to drop the eps by .07

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