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  • jmedved02 jmedved02 Jul 22, 2013 5:31 PM Flag

    .26 looks hard to beat.

    Last year it had .26. I can't picture the films that IMAX showed this year to beat last year's earnings. Plus Q3 is going to be hard to beat this year without DKR.

    Long term IMAX still looks good.

    Short term IMAX looks a hold because I think its hard to tell if the sellers who dont like the current boxoffice for q2 and q3 vs the buyers who like the growth in theaters. I can't call which will win.

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    • I think they'll do pretty well. As gharabe mentions you need to take int'l into account which has been doing very well. They have also installed at least 10% more new theaters since then (probably around 100 or more).

      I was just comparing Q2 2012 to Q2 2013. Overall domestic boxoffice (not just IMAX, but all theaters) was exactly the same at around $3B.

      Here are the major movies I show for IMAX in Q2 2012 - Avengers ($623M), Men In Black 3 ($179M), Prometheus ($126M), and Dark Shadows ($80M)
      For Q2 2013 I show - Iron Man 3 ($407M), Man of Steel ($285M), Star Trek ($225M), After (ugh) Earth ($59M), and Oblivion ($89M).

      Please let me know if I'm missing anything, but just adding those box offices up and not taking into account that as gharabe mentions Avengers was bumped for Dark Shadows I come up with $1.01B in 2012 and $1.065B in 2013. That's a 5% increase in box office right there. Someone here probably has more detailed #'s than I do, but I don't see why they can't meet/beat expectations.

    • They'll have 0.31 in Q2-2013 with the potential for a very big blowout, because we haven't seen the full international numbers, which are growing and growing fast. Don't forget Q2 last year was marred by Johnny Depp and his vampire satire taking over for Avengers. [Good god. It's true.] I think we will handily beat Q2 last year. Not even close. Q3, I'm not so bullish about. Not even close, actually. Q4 is looking amazing.

      I hope on the conference call someone asks what happened with Wolverine. Either a ball was dropped (and this must be admitted) OR this is the first crack in Hollywood's fanboy armour to say IMAX isn't that great. Not having this Marvel comic pic on IMAX, especially seeing as Pacific Rim has BOMBED (a large void exists in the schedule), is an important story that has yet to be told.

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