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  • headtrader22 headtrader22 Jul 26, 2013 2:11 PM Flag

    Its the backlog that counts!

    It's one thing to get the orders, its another to fill them and IMAX doesn't seem to be filling them as quickly as hoped. It's been over three years and the backlog has't come down under 200. What is wrong with this picture? The sad part it the only ones staying wealthy are the insiders while the loyal shareholders sit and wait for Godot!
    I think IMAX needs to expedite the backlog clean up otherwise I think you will find the street will lower their estimates across the board. SGA is up and will continue to stay up as far as I can far as the one time charges that remains to be seen. Imax has become ANTI - CLIMAXIC!

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    • And finally, and again for Ritz and the last point he bundled under a "buyback" thread.

      I will continue to state what is in the IMAX announcements, network count, and SEC filings and are all verifiable. I track them ! They are only wrong to the extent that the announcements or filings are wrong and even these I can usually correct by verifying what the actual network status is.

      I may make the occasional mistake in detail but it will not be major or affect the overall message.
      I have provided trackable, verifiable numbers and I am prepared to provide more. If you wish to place a counter claim then place it - with sources and real information. So again (I think now for the fourth time), and armed with even more hints and information...

      "Please demonstrate that IMAX IS achieving a better rate of deployment and decrease in the long term backlog than has been stated."

      You've already claimed they are deploying and working through the backlog faster than stated.
      You've already claimed the failure rate for screens which go past their scheduled deployment date is lower that stated (which is also why I KNOW you don't understand the difference between short term and long term backlog).
      Today you've stated that the achieved deployments of announced new digital sites is higher than stated.

      I look forward to you providing whatever source or information you are using to back those counter-arguments up. I said and meant that I am welcome to learn anything new but your style of arbitrary and unsubstantiated counter-argument (and downright tushy kissing to Gelfond) doesn't move the knowledge line along at all. I am not willing to provide higher levels of information and detail (and least to you) if that is all that can be expected.

      I'm not here to argue. I'm here to discuss and share and learn and avoid argument as much as possible. If that is still not what is happening on the board or with certain posters that's fine.

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      • I am going to let someone else handle this thread because I find it tiring and pointless. Just two more things before I say goodbye. Imax is nothing like Disneyland. It is like Starbucks. I.E A well known, extremely familiar product steps forward in a deluxe version at a much higher price and meets with enormous success. Secondly, Imax has expanded dramatically throughout the world except for India and parts of Europe. Imax now has almost 800 theaters. Does anyone on this board doubt that Imax will have over 1000 theaters, over 1200., over 1400? Does a single person on this board doubt this?

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