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  • afp4u afp4u Jul 13, 2010 9:42 AM Flag

    Speculation Friday?

    I e-mailed Mad Money. I just heard I might have a chance to get a good or bad response from Cramer during Speculation Friday. Regardless, If I get picked for the call EVC will be my choice in the spotlight. If only for a moment. I just got the e-mail on how to call in.
    My investment club seems to have a little bet going on earnings estimates.
    I have one guess at less than expected. Mike your a douche. LOL
    The consensus of 11 members is one for 3 cents, two for 5 cents, 5 for 6 cents, and one for 7 cents. Two for 11 cents. Mine is 7 cents.Any takers?
    WARMING UP BABY!!! Hold out for Mo Money. I definetly think this is strong buy and hold time.

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    • The Cramer cronies didn't want anything to do with it. It wasn't in their price range.

    • It's down range now will have to see what happens.

    • The discalaimer says I can't trade on the stock until after the 7:00 show. It also says that after mentioning the stock the price could go up or down depending on Cramer's analysis. It's settled then I will turn in my questions. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I should present my questions. Does anyone want me to ask anything in particular?

    • EVC is not in Cramer's comfort zone. He is not looking for something that will quad, he wants the conservative doubles like ETM. And since he did ETM a while ago he won't bother with EVC. ETM is simple = english radio. EVC has too much to explain to tv viewers, TV & radio, long term Univision contracts, debt resetting to lower rates, growing retrans rev, ratings up and beating the major networks, spanish demo growth, advert revival, world cup, elections, auto sales rebound, etc.

      There is just too much to explain.

      EVC is for those who dig, not those that watch cnbc.

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