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  • gjpin gjpin Aug 4, 2000 5:02 AM Flag

    Why I invested in EVC

    My broker told me about the IPO for Entravision
    and after a lot of research into the company
    and industry, I decided
    to include it in my long
    term portfolio. I looked at another
    Univision Comm about a year and a half ago when the stock
    trading in the 40 range and followed it up to

    Overall I think the market will continue to be flat for
    the rest of the year,
    with some rallies starting
    as early as next week. The productivity numbers

    will be the lowest they been for a long time and this
    should confirm a
    continuous slowdown.

    will slowly crept higher as the funds start to
    accumulate. This is a
    niche market and with the money
    they have raised, the sky is the limit.

    luck to all.

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    • I agree with you.Hispanics are my favorite
      people.I lived in Cuba when I was younger.I spent most of
      my teaching career with P.R's & Dominicans,they are
      warm people and have heart.I did not find that as true
      with American students.I am a foreigner myself.I spent
      the happiest years in Cuba.I believe in bilingual
      education to a certain degree.I feel people should keep
      their own language & culture.I also think a person
      should learn their new language.(in this case English.)I
      guess gellerphoto felt rejected by the President/COO of
      EVC,not by our Spanish friends.My Hubby follows the
      market,"but frankly I dont give a dam."My interest is People
      that cant afford "IPO's"

    • If you look at demographic data, you will see
      that part of your message is based on a false premise.
      Your conclusion, however, is correct. Hispanics are
      the fastest (or have been) growing population in the
      US not only because of immigration. They also had
      the highest birth rates for many, many years. This is
      one of the reasons they are the youngest ethnic group
      in the US. Anyway, my point is... that the sources
      of the hispanic population expansion are more varied
      than most people assume.

      As for this Geller
      person, one thing is for sure.. he doesn't know too many
      hispanics. He makes assumptions we all want to be like him
      (cough!!) and that our love of our culture comes from
      simply not knowing any better. Nothing could be further
      from the truth. We very much know how to live in your
      world Geller. We live it everyday. When we get home,
      however, we prefer to live in a world of our own
      choosing. two cents


      PS: Haven't
      bought in yet..but I'm giving it a close look.

    • use your head.This stock closed today at the same price IPO's were quoted(for insiders)two months ago.Still thinking "great expectations?"

    • <<I'm a senior who was born in N.Y.C.>>>>>>>

      well that explains everything. you have reached an age where your open mind has changed places with your narrow waist ;)

    • Im a senior who was born in N.Y.C.My wife is a
      retired spanish & french teacher.My grandparents spoke
      German.There were five other languages going on at the same
      time,from Italian to Chinese.There were Jewish,and other
      ethnic programs on the air wave.I still can catch a
      Jewish program on TV now and then.BOTTOM LINE..Parents
      want their kid to go to collage,learn english,become
      professionals,and make a good living!Sure Bush speaks Spanish to
      get the vote,and then send them back to picking
      grapes.No Im not voting for Pat.My parents voted for
      Roosevelt.I voted for Kennedy,and this year will vote for

    • <EOM>

    • Geller,

      Unfortunately, the large influx of
      Jews occurred many years ago when the American society
      did not tolerate other languages and cultures.
      Otherwise, there might be a Television channel in Hebrew
      today. Back then, the way of survival was to

      Lucky for the Hispanics, their migration to this
      country excelled over 30 years ago and hasn't slowed
      down. They have been able to benefit from a more open
      American society and their sheer population numbers.
      Hispanic television and radio has been criticized and
      scrutinized heavily for the last ten years. The speculation
      was always of a dyeing market due to assimilation
      into the American culture.
      But much to everyone's
      amazement, the Hispanic minority has been able to hold and
      maintain their culture far better than any other ethnic
      group in the US. In fact, they seem to pass it down
      strongly from generations to generations. They are the
      fastest growing minority group that is gaining both
      wealth and representation.

      Before you give all
      your money to Pat Buchanan's election campaign, you
      might want to save some for Spanish lessons. Who knows,
      you might end up working for a Latin one day and
      you'll want to kiss ass in the right language.

    • <EOM>

    • Do you realize that the Hispanic population in
      the U.S. is growing at 6x the non-hispanic
      population. And with that growth there is an obviously a
      consumer pool that U.S. companies are trying to access.
      It's not about whether the spanish speaking population
      is fluent in english or not, it is what they find
      more entertaining, UVN programming or the traditional
      U.S. station programming. Whether you want to believe
      it or not the UVN programming has proven itself to
      be the best way to target the spanish speaking
      population and companies are not going to wait around for
      this demographic to change. So believe what you want
      and put your $$ in GM or Microsoft. I prefer to see
      this as an opportunity. GO EVN

    • do you think when Gore picked a V.P.,every body will go out and start learning Hebrew?Get with it...this is America,everybody wants to blend in.

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