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  • doubledown1967 doubledown1967 Sep 7, 2011 11:52 AM Flag

    Adding more shares, but maybe I am a fool

    I liked CTSO yesterday and like it even more today after the news. To be able to buy it at the same price as yesterday seems like a steal, but maybe the market knows does not seem to be impressed with the news.

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    • I think all the market knows is that the data didn't clearly spell out immediate and outrageous blockbuster, and many either don't have the vision or the timeframe to care any further. I see this as just another of Dr. Chan's series of 'incremental singles and doubles' toward his goal, but with an exciting month of conferences and negotiations ahead. I'm buying a bit more today.

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      • rphon,

        I think that's a good way to look at it - Wall Street was looking for a headline. Perhaps something like "Dramatic breakthrough in Sepsis treatment means blockbuster for tiny company" or something of the sort. What was Dr. Chan thinking, sticking to the facts?

        Clearly they will need to do more studies. But they are on that - and we already knew it was going to be necessary.

        But they still have more than enough to have a successful rollout. What percentage of the German market does the company need to get the PPS to $1? Was it 10%?

        IMO the rollout won't be a problem. They'll start with the hospitals in the trial and easily be able to add more as Dr. Chan spreads the word in these conferences.

        If it was already intuitively obvious to many doctors that reducing cytokines would help - having some data now, even if not statistically significant - should be enough to get quite a few to give it a try. And the safety data is outstanding. So there's no downside to them.

        And we now know it's likely that the filter will be used for more days, not fewer. More revenue. I think success is a "lock." But there is that problem of not seeing the word "blockbuster" in the headline!

      • For me, it was an outrageous blockbuster data.

      • I hope you are right. I am up to 165K shares now and willing to take it to 250K if it drops any more.

    • I do not think so. Definitely there will be pr about orders during the conference--Dr. Chan will state "It was encouraging!"

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