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  • couchtripping2 couchtripping2 Dec 27, 2011 5:51 AM Flag

    Enter CytoSorb---A New Avenue for Sepsis Treatment


    To quote Dr.LOL...“This is hysterically funny.” The quote pertains to the “fact” that in an article published in JAMA by Angus DC, entitled The search for effective therapy for sepsis: back to the drawing board?, Dr. Angus does not mention Cytosorbents and as she indicates the researchers at UPitt must either not know about Dr.Chan’s work or worse, that Dr. Angus does know about Dr.Chan’s work but finds it so inconsequential that it is not even worth mentioning. She even goes on to give a very concise overview of what she views as the main crux of the article when questioned as to what the article specifically says that leads her to these conclusions. So as not to misrepresent her response, I’ll include it here: 
    “In essence it says nothing has been proven effective even though animal and studies and early stage human studies looked promising. Angus then goes on to discuss his view that the underlying theories of sepsis are wrong, that sepsis is a very broad terms with multiple causes and very different patient types. In particular, he debunks the theory that sepsis results in "unhelpfully exuberant" host responses (sound familiar LOL) He cites another paper in this edition of JAMA that the host response may in many cases be suppressed rather than overly exuberant. He makes no reference to Cytosorbents at all.”  

    Without reading the article she mentions, her remarks leaves one to believe that CytoSorbents Inc.’s medical device used to treat sepsis has been developed along faulty medical theoretical tenants and that Dr. Chan and his team of medical researchers should, as the second part of the article’s title implies, go back to the drawing board. In essence, if CytoSorb has such great promise for the treatment of sepsis, why wasn’t Dr. Angus discussing this device in his article that touches upon newer therapeutic approaches as opposed to proclaiming to researchers that it is time to go back to the drawing board regarding the treatment of sepsis? 

    If like myself, you are left with a perplexing, uneasy feeling that something feels off you would not be alone. After all, Cytosorbents did achieve the European Union regulatory approval for CytoSorb and further awarded a US Army SBIR trauma grant both in 2011, leading one to believe Cytosorbents’s blood purification device to be an effective treatment for sepsis and potentially for other life threatening illnesses as well. Certainly, the first achievement alone is not inconsequential and would not go unnoticed by Dr. Angus, a world renowned researcher of sepsis and critical care services and Chair of the Department of Critical Care Medicine and Director of CRISMA (Clinical Research, Investigation, and Systems Modeling of Acute Illnesses) Center at the University of Pittsburgh. 

    Thus, with this as a backdrop, I decided I had better go to the source and read Dr. Angus’s article for myself.

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