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  • ceaserfix ceaserfix Jan 3, 2012 2:28 PM Flag

    Something "good" is holding up SHL...

    If this letter is not released this week, then something great is going on..Dr. Chan said SHL by the end of the year. When your a CEO releasing a SHL, you know "Exactly", what day or week its coming out. If it doesn't come out at the stated time, then obviously something is holding it up. Bad news? "IMPOSSIBLE"...Sales are going on, interest robust and real, just given $8 million and another $100,000 from military..It has to be good news..Your not gonna say SHL coming at end of year and then still not have it out the "2nd week" of the "New Year"..Again, if this week passes and no letter.."HOLD ON"!!!!!!!

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    • "ceaserfix", I'm actually hoping we here nothing all this week and all next week. Because like you said, if we here nothing by the 2nd week of the new year, then something is holding this letter up. It would almost certainly have to be a huge partnership or buyout.If no word by the end of next week,
      my guess will be buyout talks..So I'm praying we here NOTHING!!!!!

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      • "agt" I agree with you except, I don't need to wait the entire next week. For me, if we hear nothing by tomorrow then I'm convinced. This letter has been delayed for some reason. 2 weeks into the new year is not the "end of the year".Something is being talked about or negotiated or signed or something to that effect.If whatever they're working on doesn't fall through, I think SOMETHING BIG is about to be announced...

    • LOL LOL "just given $8 million". He apparently doesn't realize that they have not received $8 million, but instead have the potential to sell to LPC up to $8.5 million in stock, which will be promptly dumped into the market, just like the last deal. What a moron.

    • No news is simply no news. Behind the scenes could be good, bad or nothing has changed.
      I tend to think that there is positive action behind the silence. Volume isn't too bad and pretty consistent, the price tends to stay constant and the insiders are quiet. Shares seem to be under accummulation in small lots.

      LPC has been quiet with regards to CTSO, but a couple of weeks ago made a deal with PURE Biosciences whose stock had dropped dramatically last year. Apparently a lot of upside potential there (don't own any stock in them).

    • I could easily be a sign of bad news too, i.e., something expected to happen didn't or sales are coming in slow and they are waiting/hoping for something positive to occur that they can share. I hope I am wrong as I am long this stock, but anything could be causing the delay, good and/or bad.

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