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  • robert.vince robert.vince Dec 14, 2012 7:29 AM Flag

    CTSO on money tv

    Cytosorbents Corporation ( OTCBB : CTSO ) CEO Dr. Phillip Chan announced the company's intention to move to a more senior stock exchange in 2013.

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    • imagin that!
      NASDAQ SmallCap Market Listing Requirements

      Small capitalization companies can be listed on the NASDAQ SmallCap Market if they have: (1) net tangible assets of $4 million, or (2) $50 million market capitalization, or (3) net income in the latest fiscal year or two of the past three fiscal years of $750,000. In addition, these companies must have a public float of $1 million, a market value of the public float of $5 million, a minimum of 300 shareholders, and at least three market makers. Also, these companies must have an operating history of at least one year or $50 million market capitalization. The initial minimum bid price is $4.00 and the same ongoing minimum bid price and peer review requirements as are set forth above apply.

      Source: NASDAQ

    • Will this alter the LPC funding vehicle? Or will they no longer need outside money due to a partnership or massive sales?

    • Does this mean a massive REVERSE SPLIT? You'll see professional shortened come out of the woodwork now. All Pete's imaginary shorters will become real now. The only thing that will save a massive sell off/shorting raid on this stock will be fundamentals that are mind blowing fundamentals. The only problem is if they had mind blowing fundamentals they wouldn't need to do a RS in the first place. So which is it going to be?

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      • “EUPHRATES is an exciting concept,” he said. “It doesn’t mean it’s going to work, but it’s very different than anything we have done in all these other trials.”they treated 90,000 patients in japan,and then promptly moved on and sold the tech in the 90's..the spectral filters have been around for a long time,and yet,they are little used.they have yet to get their full compliment of 32 hospitals to participate.only 16 so far.there is something inherently wrong with spectral.japan clearly was not interested.and that is where it was developed.

      • "all Pete's imaginary shorters"... the finra short figures are official and real... everyone has access to these figures. When PPS went to 0,148 two weeks ago, the short -sell ratio was 48%!!! and not imaginary at all... No real long investor here want to sell at this ridiculous PPS. There's no place for a RS before massive sales!!! Dr. Chan keeps his promise and all longs will be greatly awarded!!! LOL LOL LOL!!!

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      • No it doesn't mean a MASSIVE reverse split. That would definitely cause tanksation! It could mean Two BUCKS in 13!! That equals $uccess & Sustainability!! You can keep your MASSIVE MADNESS!!

      • I think partnership.Perfect timing for sales and FDA trial later the year.JMO

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