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  • littlejimmyvalentino littlejimmyvalentino Feb 19, 2013 4:33 PM Flag

    Biotech analyst

    I spoke to a biotech analyst. He said that he reads our board and is amused by the lack of sophistication that most of us have.

    He said, that "no news" means "down days" for biotech stocks. These kind of stocks take time to garner data (in this case dosage studies) and that it is the nature of the beast that you need the time to generate, integrate and report all information. As he said, "People expect this to be like a football game where you know who's winning halfway through the third quarter. It doesn't work that way. You only get the score after the game is over."

    That said, he obviously doesn't know what the dosage studies will say or the direction of the stock. He reiterated that biotechs ALWAYS drift down in between big news stories.

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    • Things mighty quiet.Hope Chan is over in Germany working on the data news.

    • Finally, a post that makes sense. No whining, no cheering, just common sense. I am as disappointed as everyone else as to the price action of this stock. I am long 600,000 shares and have only a small profit after three years. However, with the value of cash so low I feel I have lost nothing. Keeping things in perspective, CTSO is only 3% of my investable assets so I am probably less jumpy than many on this board who are counting on a big gains here. At 72 years old and over 30 years experience in the financial industry I have learned never to "bet the ranch" unless you are prepared to go the slaughterhouse with the herd. I do have faith and hopes in this company. The last biotech I invested in I bought at $3, held for four years, and sold at $12, only to see it get bought out at $50 a year later. If you believe in CTSO have patience, but please don't put it all in one company.

      Another thought - don't be afraid of a reverse split. This stock needs to uplist desperately to gain recognition and following. That is where the big bucks are to be made.

      Sentiment: Buy

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