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  • jaxla jaxla Apr 3, 2013 11:11 AM Flag

    Maybe now we can start seeing stock price appreciation in 2013

    As I mentioned last year, I would be happy to see 1 cent increase per week for the rest of the year. Hope that is possible as that would just get us to Zack's estimate from 9 months ago.

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    • I think any positive dosing study results and or KOL's that publish any positive results we could easily jump 30-40% + IMO. As for U.S studies I am not concerned at this date since we will be used in the EU for some time before the U.S. And if they are getting good results I feel they will de given some form of fast track to approval by the FDA. Good luck and I did buy more today

    • at one penney per week the stock price would be around $0.51 per share by end of year. However, the way this stock is moving right now, we could be closer to 70 cents by end of year. Looking Good, folks.

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    • That would be nice, but today's news has hardly moved the stock price. Something else is apprently holding us back. But I hope you are right.

      Haven't seem much posted by ping, bertha or ou recently. wonder what they think of the revenues.

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      • I thought the report was good. I thought we'd get a bigger bounce than we have. Since the company isn't at cash flow break even yet, and we haven't seen the dosing trial results, I think there are still skeptics. But it appears to me that everything is on track and about to take off. Getting a partner would be nice - as would getting the dosing trial results. But I definitely like seeing the sales accelerate.

        With interest in the filter growing, I have concluded that there aren't issues with it working. My hunch is that the doctors using it know it's a breakthrough in critical care treatment. But they aren't going to come forward and publicly promote the filter like an infommercial. I think they are waiting for the dosing trial results so the company can release official data. Once the data is available, the large hospital chains can justify using the filter - and if all goes according to plan, the stock price will really take off.

        The delay between the product approval and getting more data has been a major factor in the stock's price decline. But I agree with those who think we've bottomed and 2013 will be a good year for investors. I hope the next wave of financing is done after we get good news and the stock price is higher.

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